"Miss Maria- It is time to wake up, we have arrived." The voice cut through Maria's sleep and woke her. The young girl creaked open her eyes to the inside of the car.

"Where are we?" She asked. She sat up, and thick cloth fell over her legs and her loose hair fell over her shoulders.

"Oh," The woman next to her gasped. She was wearing a dark outfit with a crisp, white pinafore hanging on top. A maid's outfit. The woman laid her gloved hands on the girl's forehead, a concerned expression on her face. "You must have hit your head harder than you let on. I think you're suffering some memory loss... Oh, dear..."

Maria, after being told she hit her head, actually felt a slight pain there. "Who are you?" She asked the woman, whose eyes teared up.

"Oh, no, no, no..." The woman stroked the girl in panic. "I was your sister's nanny, miss, and now I'm your maid for the trip. I'm Diane."

"Was?" Maria asked, catching onto that part. Diane once again covered her mouth with her glove-clad hand and let her eyes water.

"You don't remember the accident, oh..." Diane whispered, then turned away and inhaled deeply. "I shall tell you once we are settled in our cabin, for now, let me do your hair. You shall not go out looking like a third-class ragamuffin!"

Dutifully, Maria turned her head and let the maid quickly braid it and pin it to the top of her head. She felt a hat secured on her crown, and then gloves pulled over her hands.

The door to the car opened, and Diane stepped out first, moving out of the way so that Maria could take the hand offered her. Outside, the dock was in chaos. The girl marveled at the sheer size of the great ship that stood before her. Something clicked in her mind, and instead of feeling relieved to be receiving a memory, her face drained of all color and she stopped dead in her tracks, ignoring Diane's gentle pulling.

"The Titanic-" Maria whispered. Diane turned to her.

"Yes, you remember!" The maid clasped her hands together in excitement.

"I won't go on it." She said, louder, interrupting Diane's celebration.

"Well, why not? It is said to be luxurious, more luxurious than any ship that exists!" Diane hissed, embarrassed by her mistress's stubborn behavior.

"It is going to sink." The words were not that loud, but it was enough to grab the attention of a few people nearby. Normally, such a prediction from a girl so shielded from the world would be ignored, but there was something in her voice that struck true in their hearts, but they laughed nervously and prepared to board anyway.


"This way, sir," The officer ordered, pointing the two boys in the right direction. The older one, Mike, shook his head and broke away from his thoughts; his remembrances of his odd dream the night before.

"C'mon, Mike, let's go find our cabin!" His younger brother whined, yanking on his sleeve and pulling him into the boat. Matt laughed, and managed to grab a hold of the suitcase before he stumbled into the hallway after his brother.

"Careful, junior, you might just run so fast you'll break through the other side of the ship and fall into the harbor!" He laughed, and the two slowed down to a steady trot.

"Not funny." Luke said, sobering up. "You know I'm scared of water! And don't call me junior!"

"Hey, it's not my fault Mom named you so similar to Lou." Mat said, and spotted the number 354. "Here's our room!"

He opened the door eagerly and pushed his little brother and their suitcases inside. The other two bunks were already filled. It was two young women, approximately in their twenties.

"Ladies." Mike took off his cap and bowed to the women, who giggled. Just then, a knock came rapping on the door. Luke was the first to answer, and the officer who stood there smiled at him.

"Are you boys here with anyone?" The man asked, and the two boys shook their heads. The man nodded. "Would you like to change rooms to be with two other boys on their own?"

"Well..." Mike said, looking back at the attractive women.

"Yes!" Lukas said, excitedly, and took a hold of his small suitcase no bigger than a knapsack. Matt groaned, but followed suit, taking his bag and leaving the room as well.

"Just the one across the way." The officer said, and two small girls, barely older than Luke, left the room carting their small bags. "The girls' parents were uncomfortable with them staying with two older boys." He explained, and Mike and Luke went into the other room.

"Hey- You must be our new roommates!" A voice said, and it was coming from a boy with curly golden hair. His accent made the boys smile. They looked at each other at the same time.

"Americans!" They cheered. Mike and Luke were from America, and had gone to England on vacation with their parents and older brother. However, there was a mix-up with their return tickets, and so the rest of their family had to leave on an earlier boat to America.

"Nah, it's just that bastard." A crisp Irish accent popped out of the other boy, a tall, dark haired boy who could almost pass for a man if it wasn't for his round cheeks. "He's John and I'm Finnick."

All the boys shook hands, and Luke threw his bag on the top bunk and clambered up there. Mike slid his under the bunk and sat on the bottom one. "So..." Finnick said, tapping his fingers on the ladder. "Are you planning on introducing yourselves?"

"Oh, my bad." Mike apologized. "I'm Michael, Mike for short, and this here is my little brother, Luke."

"How old are you?" John asked.

"I'm ten and Mike's turning fifteen in April." Luke said.

"Yeah." Matt confirmed. "What about you?"

"I'm thirteen." John said, and Finnick prevented him from saying anything more.

"And I'm fifteen." Finnick smirked, priding himself on being the oldest in their cabin.

"Well, it's nice to meet you. I guess we're going to be spending a long voyage together, huh?"