The realization hit her as the dodge ball approached, gaining speed, the red blocking out all other things. Her head hurt, and she saw the white, fading scrape that, in her dream, was acquired from walking too near to a table. She ducked, just in time, and the ball whizzed over her head, actually slapping her caramel ponytail before she heard the impact it made on the kid behind her.

She stood up, her face white. Knowing, well, honestly just realizing that she knew all along, that she had to wake up Mike, she tossed a rubber ball high into the air and walked off the court even before she saw its fate of landing in a kids hands, then the referee calling her out.

She crawled up the bleachers, on her way to Mike, HER Michael. She shook his shoulder.

His eyes blinked open, and she wrinkled her nose at the stench that spilled from his lips. It was undeniably one of alcohol... But she had been with him the entire night and all he had to drink was coke and water from a bottle...

"Hey, what's up, Mar?"

"I had to wake you up... Something strange just happened-" she began, but his eyes closed and she knew- no, she FELT- that he was asleep again. She groaned, a loose strand of hair blew away and settled mildly on the top of her head. She was not particularly patient- neither was anyone else she had met, besides Mike- and that was probably why the two of them got along so well. He was patient and melow, and quite open and raw when it came to feelings and emotions, while she was the opposite. The maid in her dream put it the positive way- she was strong even when it was unneeded. And if one means STRONG in the sense that she was stubborn and pessimistic and horribly impatient, then yes, Maria O'Hart was strong.

For a fleeting moment, she felt that she was going to need to be legitimately strong- not just stubborn and quiet- down the road. Perhaps... Perhaps the dodge ball would hit her later in such a way that she felt like she needed to cry? Or maybe...

No, she thought. That was just a dream, just a dream, it's 2012, not-

And yet, she felt as if she had to be brave for the moment when the unsinkable ship slipped below the freezing waters of the Atlantic.


"Mike, you drunken bastard, wake up!" a hand violently shook his shoulder, much rougher than the shaking that was done by the girl in the dream.

"Finnick, just let me sleep- would ya?" He mumbled, the scent of liquor suddenly overpowering his senses and forcing his eyes to water and his nostrils to flare.

"well, I'll be goddamned..." a hand was messing around on the table that supported Mike's head, and he felt a glass lifted up and set down again. "Barely half a glass of beer and you're out like a light. Guess you ain't one for drinking, then..." Finnick yanked Mike up into an upright position and the one with the lolling head slowly came to his senses.

"Dude... What time is it?" Mike asked over the... The nothing. That's what caused him to ask- the party that had been at full swing when he passed out was gone.

"M'kay... I don't know what 'dude' means or if it's offensive, but it's nearing six AM..."

"What? But I was only out for-"

"-for a good four hours? You betcha." Finnick gently slapped his friend's cheek and pulled him up. "it's a good thing your brother's a goody two shoes rule follower- he was fast asleep when I had to practically carry Johnny back to the cabin 'round one. He should still be asleep and sure as hell I ain't tellin' him how long you were here."

"Thanks, but I swear on Jesus, Mary, and Joseph that I wasn't drunk, Finnick, it was like there was this voice or something- calling me, you know? And then I was in this really weird place with impossibly high rafters, and there's this girl, and she's tryna wake me up and then next thing I know... All of this..." Matt said, rubbing his temple. His friend patted him on the head.

"It's alright- we're here for you. Now c'mon, let's get you some sleep so you can do it all over again tonight.

"Sounds good." Matt said in reply, standing up and following Finnick to their cabin.


Maria yawned. She was trying to stay awake- she already felt like a loser because she fell asleep before it was even midnight. However, it was like a pull- she couldn't resist the sleep. She leaned against Matt once again, and closed her eyes...

Only to open them once again to see Diane's face staring down at her. She held back her groan- but barely, just barely- and sat up. Diane was bustling about, getting ready Maria's things for the day.

"Diane, take a day off, please." Maria said suddenly, bringing the maid to a halt.

"But, why?" Diane asked, in a small voice. "I have to prepare you for your meeting with your courter and your tea time and-" she was obviously hurt, and Maria new she had to make her reasons clear quickly.

"Because I want a day of nothing, and if I have a day of nothing then you should too." Maria yawned. "Now, if you excuse me, I have tea time with the sand man now."

If only she could have slept after Diane left, if only. But luck was not on her side that day.