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Allem was awake early in the morning, surprisingly. He had gotten barely any sleep but didn't feel the least bit tired. His father knocked three times, indicating that breakfast was ready. Both Allem walked out toward the dining room. I wasn't large and grand; after all, only two people lived here. He sat at his seat. In front of him was a plat of eggs and a biscuit. Next to it was a glass of milk. His stomach growled and he delved into the plate, devouring it all in seconds.

He took his plate to the kitchen placing it in the small bucket they had for dirty dishes. Allem knew what he had to do. Genevieve was most likely getting her dress fitted right now. Father was probably dressed and ready, all Allem had to do was bathe and dress himself.

A few minutes later.

Allem, Genevieve and Kyle all stood in the rather large palace dedicated to meetings like this. Allem was dressed in his pure white attire. A white vest with gold trim was buttoned over his long-sleeved shirt. The white trousers were held down by a black leather belt, with no real ornamentation. The appearance of wealth was still with him. Gold and silver rings decorated his fingers, each with you unique and exotic gemstones. His silver necklace held an Amber with a fossilized parasite inside. A brooch containing the seal of the Mas'Aret clan was on his left shoulder, holding on a long white cape, with a golden mouse on it. Kyle's outfit was similar, but held much more in the way of luxury and appearance.

Genevieve was a wonder to behold though. Genevieve wore a short sleeved dress, one that left some men drooling in her wake. A red and brown blouse with a little more cleavage than normal were the contents of her upper body. Her lower body had a long skirt down to her ankles all so consisting of Red and brown. A brown belt held the two pieces together, and the buckle of the belt was inscribed with her clans symbol, a dragon's head. She had a white cape with a red dragon's head on it. Her long golden hair still spilled down her back.

Every diplomat was dressed nicely, even the Rar'Nock (Which is rare for the bear-men.).

Genevieve whispered to Allem. "The Mas'Aret and Rar'Nock seem damned riled up. As do the Rak'Shash."

"Don't whisper, it's the last thing you want to do in events like this."

"Of course, I forgot."

"The Tri'Kha don't seem worried, mostly because they don't always care, and because they hide well."

"So, why are they all stirred up?"

"There were fourteen Orc encampments. Three of those breeding grounds they found are right next Rar'Nock territory. Two training camps and a breeding ground are right next to Mas'Aret borders. Rak'Shash just don't like being denied. However, the Vix'Gat are very worried. Four Encampments were found near their farmlands. The other three are in the dead-lands."

"I can understand that. So, because theā€¦."

"High Senate."

"Right, the High Senate, has told them not to take action, they're worried. I need to go talk to the Rak'Shash ambassador for a moment."

"Make it quick. The council is about to start."

Genevieve weaved through the crowd to the primary Ambassador.

Allem tapped his father's shoulder. "Dad, where's Leonardo?"

"He's over with Garrak, the Rar'Nock military leader."

"And how much political influence do I have?"

"Half as much as me."


Allem made his way Leonardo and Garrak. He was hoping to find both despite the recent conflicts with Garrak. He found them both talking. "Excuse me?" Allem said to get their attention.

"Yes, Allem what is it?"

"I needed to talk to both of you about something. It involves the Orcs."

"What about them? Are you offering support?" Garrak asked.

"I'm offering that, and more. With me supporting your movement to take military action, among others, then the High Senate will have to answer. My father has been pushing for this, he'll support you as well."

Garrak bowed his head in consideration, but Leonardo spoke first. "Allem, you're being a bit ambitious-."

"The boy is right, we need to do this. You know that. How much longer till proclaimed rumors turn to mass graves?"

"I see your point. There are only two Clans I can think of that will help, the Rak'Shash, and the Fel'Yer."

"I can speak to them, the Rak'Shash will be easy, but the Fel'Yer." The Fel'Yer were a clan of cat-men. Mas'Aret and Fel'Yer butted heads a lot. However, they weren't the ones to sit by when clans could burn. They were however remarkably compatible with the Rar'Nock. "Garrak, see if you can get the Fel'Yer on our side. I'll go talk to the Rak'Shash." Allem turned around, walking to Kyle. "Father-"

"I know what you're doing; it's very ambitious of you. But a good idea, I had our own scouts investigate."

"That's why you were awake."

"Yes, they confirmed my belief. What do you need?"

"The Tri'Kha owe ancestry to the dead-lands, correct? See if you can use that to persuade them to this cause." Kyle nodded and headed off. Allem moved to the Rak'Shash general. "General, sir." He bowed to the lizard man. The general bowed back. "What do you need?"

"It's about the Orc rumor." The lizard turned to the window leaning on the frame. "I was with the scouts; I saw those beasts with my own eyes. We need to attack before they are a legion again."

"That is why I am here. I wanted you to support the cause; I assume the Ambassador is already with us."

"She is. Funny, I tried making a move for soldiers the moment we spotted them a year ago, now, you manage to summon an army in a matter of minutes." A bell rang. "Time to go."

All of the diplomats, save for the high Senate, sat in a large semi-circle. Everyone had removed their cape and placed it on their designated seat, in case they need to be excused. All of them sat poised and straight, waiting for the Senate. The High Senate consisted of the eldest member of every clan. They each appeared now, all wearing veils, seeing their faces was considered Blasphemy. They each sat at their decorated thrones, holding their heads high like the pompous-asses they were. A raspy voice spoke, from whom, no one could tell.

"Let the council begin."

Allem would have to wait and be patient about his dilemma until the end of the meeting. Surprisingly, it was him getting impatient at the more petty concerns, and Garrak who was calm. Hours went by with discussions and quiet bickering. Then finally came the end. All of the elders spoke at once.

"Who seeks a new answer?"

Allem stood, and all eyes were on him.

"Allem Mas'Aret, son of Kyle Mas'Aret, what is the answer you seek?"

"What of the Orcs plaguing our land?"

An Elder shook his head and spoke. "There are no Orcs."

"Don't deny our claim!" Allem shouted slamming his hand on the table. "We need to take our armies into the wilderness!"

"So you would have armies march on account of a few scouts?"

"Scouts that you gave medals to! More than Rak'Shash and Tri'Kha have done investigation! They are at our borders ready to burn us to the ground! We need to destroy them before they organize!"

"These scouts merely saw a pack of stray Orcs, there is no possible way they could have been there without us knowing."

"Because for fifty years you refused to let us tear out their roots! You refused scouting requests! You wanted to live in your perfect little world of denial and idiocy!" He got a glare from that.

"You dare insult-!?"

"Yes I dare! Death is at our door and you don't want to think about it!"

"You have no military or political support to this action."

Leonardo stood. "I Support this movement."

Garrak stood. "As do I."

Kyle stood. "And I."

The Rak'Shash general stood. "And I."

"This is mostly military, you have very little political support. Therefore we can veto this- "

"I stand with the mouse!" A young Tri'Kha stood up. He was only twelve, but his father was ambassador. The roach-man stood defiant As the Rak'Shash stood with him. The Fel'Yer had said no to us though.

"Is this enough?"

The Elder growled. "Fine, but you may only garrison cities in immediate threat. You are not allowed to take aggressive action or place soldiers in unthreatened cities." All sat down. The Senate spoke in-synch again.

"This Council, is adjourned."

Allem paced the living room. Just about everyone in that house had changed, but were to pissed to go to sleep. "How can they be so damn blind!?"

"It's the Senate, what'd you expect?"

"I expected their wisdom to actually a mean a fucking thing!"

"Son, the senate prefers to be passive. The last time they were aggressive every human in the world died out."

"I know, but last time they were passive we nearly became slaves for Orcs."

"At least we can garrison the cities."

Genevieve finally spoke. "But that's not enough! My people should've pushed harder! We could've launched a skirmish to destroy the camps and stop the Orcs!"

"Exactly, but the damn Senate!"

"Son, you need to sleep now. It's late."

Allem breathed deeply for a few seconds, then nodded. He turned on his heel and left for bed.

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