The Outcasts

Chapter one: Introduction

Faster, faster,Kelsey urged herself forward as her and her friends raced down the street, the roar of the motorcycles growing louder and louder, closer and closer. Her heart was pounding like a hummingbirds, fast and swift. She pumped her arms for speed, taking deep ragged breaths. Just a little further. She thought as she pushed her body to its maximum. The motorcycles were right there now. She could hear the roaring engine behind her, beside her, they were turning. They are surrounding us. She realized, They are too close, they are going to catch us! Run faster dammit!

Justin gritted his teeth and glanced around at his friends. His breathing was easy and calm. They are going to surround us. He thought, Dammit girls run faster! He jogged along beside them knowing they couldn't last much longer. He saw one of the motorcycles in the corner of his eye. Just a little further. He pleaded mentally. The man pulled out something slick and black, fear gripped Justin. The gun was pointed right at his chest he instantly began to run faster pumping his arms for speed, and then the bang went off, and suddenly Justin wasn't being chased anymore. Instead he was 8 years old again, watching his parents fall to the crimson colored ground beneath them. Justin shook him his head, bringing himself back to reality. The bullet missing him by a matter of inches. Just a little further. He repeated mentally. Clasping his hands into fists. Just a little further.

Oh my God they are going to catch us! Nina thought frantically as she ran the ground hard against her bare feet. The sun pounded down on her burning her sensitive pale skin. What will they do if they catch us? She thought multiple tortures coming to mind, none of them pleasant. She shivered and pushed herself to run faster. They won't catch us, they won't, she shook her head ridding herself of the thoughts. There was a loud bang of gunfire and she ducked her head down gritting her teeth against her fear. They won't catch us, they won't, they won't... and even if they do. She thought her mind relaxing. It's not like we would just give up. Justin wouldn't let that happen. They don't know who they are chasing.

Kelsey saw the bridge first, her amazing eyesight spotting it before anyone else. Thats where they are going to stop us. She thought the cement road turning into wooden planks beneath her feet. Kelsey, Justin and Nina slid to a stop at the bridge's edge and turned back to face the bikers, Nina and Kelsey both out of breath. The bikers snickered as they slowed to a stop, the ten bikes surrounding them. The men snickered smoke rising from their cigarettes as they examined the two girls, looking them up and down causing Kelsey to cringe in disgust.

"I hope you three punks are ready to pay for what you stole from us." The lead biker said as he spat a chunk of tobacco to the ground. One of them stepped off of his bike, he was sickly skinny, skeletal even, his eyes were bloodshot and filled with lust, his hair a dirty brown and ratty as if it hadn't been washed in a month. He took a step towards them.
The man pulled out a pocket knife and stepped towards them. Justin stepped towards him, making direct unwavering eye contact.

"Get away from us." he said sternly his eyes searing into the man's. The entire biker gang just laughed, the man flipped his switchblade open and smiled. "We don't have time to deal with low life's such as yourselves." Justin finished causing them to glare at him.

"You're going to regret that. You picked the wrong gang to mess with kiddies." The man said as he took another step forward. Justin's eye contact never wavered as he took a step back towards the edge of the bridge again.

"Oh really?" He sneered. "I think you picked the wrong teens to mess with." he quickly turned around to the two girls. The girl's spread out their arms and fell backwards off the bridge and Justin jumped feet first after them. The gang's faces lit with shock and they all rushed to the edge jumping back in shock as the slender one, Kelsey, shot up past them, white majestic wings shooting from her back. She hovered in the air out of reach for a few minutes watching the biker's expression with a smile for a moment as they watched the second girl twisted her body into a dive and landed head first in the water, twisting her body so she would not injure herself by hitting the bottom, she immediately began swimming at an impossible pace. The boy however didn't sprout wings or fall into the water, instead he landed in a crouch on the riverbank and instantly took off running at high speeds, away from the bridge.

"Later losers!" Kelsey said with a grin and wave as she flew off after her friends. The men began to panic and scream, clambering onto their motorcycles and riding off, shouting and calling as they drove.

Kelsey flew through the twilight towards the sunset, carefully shielding her eyes from the beautiful array of oranges, yellows and pinks before her. The color's reflecting off her white feathers painting them the color of dusk. When she saw the small shack between the forest and river she began her descent to ground.

Justin watched as Kelsey dove towards the ground and made his way to the stepping stones and he quickly leaped across to the right side of the river stopping outside the shack as Kelsey landed beside him Nina climbed out of the water and stood by the brook wringing out her hair. she hadn't come up for breath once even though the trip was at least ten minutes. yet her skin was still crisp and unwrinkled and she didn't seem out of breath at all. Nina seemed to glisten in the fading light, the entire scene seems unreal. Justin thought. A glittering sea girl, a girl with angel wings and time just seemed suspended in twilight. Justin took a moment to think about it and realized, if time could really stop, he would want it to freeze right then and there, with his friends.