I want to leave, she whispered into my ear,

so soft, just a brush of air against my neck

to let me know she was there.

Leave where? I asked,

equally as quiet because I could feel the

importance of the next few seconds.

She didn't reply, just kept breathing

in and out

in and out

Sarah? I tried to turn around, to see her

tell-tale eyes that always

revealed everything.

But I got caught somewhere

between here and there,

between her and me.

Leave where? I repeated

facing the wall, seeing her

out of the corner of my eye.

That was the moment

everything could have changed.

If I looked at her,

right into her tell-tale eyes

or if I just listened to the

labored breathing

that was so. slow.

she might still be here.

But I didn't,

I let the moment go on until she

faced away and said

too loud for my

nervous ears,