Title: Themes of a Soul
Author: AsianScaper
Rating: G
Category: Poetry
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Summary: Exams came, I hated my grades, and the downhill slope started from there. Suddenly, all my problems haunted me like a plague and this...well THIS is what I wrote to bunch it up into something sensible.
Archiving: =) I'd be honored to have this posted wherever you fellows wish. Though, I'd appreciate it very much if you could drop me a line and tell me where it's at.
Dedication: To myself...
Author's Note: This is what defeat feels like:


Darkness was a blight;
The scrolls, messengers of death,
The temples, houses of mourners,
The sky, ashes gone astray...

But a hand, an arm, a body, a shell full of jewels and the gift of emeralds,
Reach out;
The fire burns like the torches of God at nightfall
And we falter like the oak against the gale.

Tears fall…
Like diamonds upon a sea of dreams
And the ripples move, clear as the pebbles beneath a river.

Nothing prevails but the veil of ignorance, of sorrow, of defeat,
Of fear…
And once again, we drown as the souls drown in eternal cries of ruin…
A ceaseless song that pierces
Like a knife through the heart.