Just a little short story I wrote when I was younger. I had a dream that inspired it.

Lucile leaned over the edge of the building holding onto the howling gargoyle perched in stone, the flashing light swirling below, the shouts, the cries, the voices yelling at her. She turned from it all, her heart pounding, her hair blowing behind her. The spot light casted its light upon her, as her nemesis spoke up.

"Give it up Cat, we finally have you cornered." He said devilishly.

Lucile put her mask back on and stepped to the edge, the 10 story drop inches away from her. Down below, her enemy, Lion Lightening held onto one of her class mates with one long claw at the students neck.

"Come down, and show everyone your face, or this young boy's throat is sliced clean through. The boys gulped and eyed the claw nervously. Her classmates, teachers, fellow citizens watched on as she stepped forward, rocketing towards the ground. Just like the cat she claimed to be she turned in the air and faced feet down. She landed on her feet and knelled down. As she stood up all the news camera's, cell phones, and eyes were focused on her. Waiting to see who she is, waiting to discover who the vigilantly was.

"Cat! Cat! Cat! Cat!" Her classmates cheered. They had no idea that the person behind the mask wasn't a brave stranger, but the shy classmate they all knew, and tormented. Especially Mat, he was Cat's biggest fan, but at school he had tormented Lucile, never knowing that the two were one in the same.

"Now Cat, show us who those pretty eyes belong to." Lion Lightening hissed, still holding a death grip over the student.

"You are expecting to much." Cat said looking away. She turned away and reached up to her mask, hesitating for a second. To save one boys life, she had to endanger everyone she cared about, and herself. But she regularly endangered herself already. So what was the difference now, she always knew that someday Cat would have to be unmasked, but like every cliché super hero, they never expected it to happen so soon. She stooped, the anger building up inside her heart, her ears burned with rage, her hands shaking, her legs felt like Jello. The butterflies were having an aerial battle in her stomach, but it all added to her strength. She was shaking from fright, and anger, so violently that when she stopped, everyone gasped. Suddenly it was all clear to her, how to escape from the situation, how everything could be solved. The answer was something she never wanted to resort to. She had to take out her enemy once and for all. In a blur of black leather, and long blond hair, Lucile struck out against Lion Lightening, her claws extended, her attention focused solely on him, no one else. Lion grunted as she hit him strait on in the chest, he released the student who dropped to the ground and ducked as Cat and Lion hurled 10 feet backwards. As Lion Lightening hit the ground, Cat cart wheeled over him and stood up her hands still shaking.

"She is amazing." Mat said from the audience. Everyone stood in surprise, a news reporter slowly turned back to the camera and spoke slowly.

"She had done it, in the most impressive display of power yet, Cat has…taken, out, Lion Lightening." The reporter said still in awe.

But the battle was not over yet, it had ended to soon, to quickly, to easily. Cat looked down quickly and saw Lion Lightening's eyes suddenly flash open in rage. His nostrils flared as he reached out at Cat, but she was to quick for him and leaped into the air avoiding his claws. But as she was flying backwards in the air he let out a thread of lightening that clipped the edge of her mask. As she landed, it slipped from her face, canceling out her shape shifting abilities. In one simultaneous moment, as the mask fell from her face, her hair retreated to her shoulders and turned from blond to brown with red highlights. The pupils of her eyes returned to normal, and her eyes changed back to green from yellow. She looked up at the group of assembled people to stunned to move. And by the looks of it, they were to shocked to say a word. Lion Lightening stood chuckling and brushing off his ripped jacket.

"I finally exposed you little girl, now you have nothing left to lose." He laughed.

"You're wrong, I still have so much to lose. But now, you have nothing left to gain." She said turning towards him.

"Lucile?" Mat said astonished.

"Yes Mat, its me. The dorky brainiac that you loved to put "kick me," notes on is Cat, the super hero you looked up to." She said with anger. The news crew turned the camera to him and watched him shake his head and turn away in grief.

"Now Lion." Lucile said turning back to her target, "What are you going to do now?" She asked taunting him.

He laughed and shook his head, "You are a foolish little girl."

Lion Lightening swung out his hand releasing a bolt of lightening that hit Lucile in the chest sending her backwards against a building.

"LUCILE!" Mat cried out in shock. Lucile stood up whipping away the dirt from her face.

"I lost my identity, not my power." She said looking up at Lion, "And right now I don't have to hold back. Everyone who knows me know knows I am Cat. So why don't I show them just what I can do?" Lucile said cockily. She put her hands out to the side and gathered up all the energy she could, gathering all her power, all her strength. She raised up off the ground and hovered toward Lion Lightening. He stepped back in fear and began walking backwards. Lucile's eye's turned illuminatingly white and her hands glowed from power. Lion shot bolt after bolt of Lightening at Lucile but she deflected them away with a sweep of her hand. Lions eyes went wide as his strength began to decrease and Lucile's continued to increase. Lucile turned her gaze up to the sky and focused her energy. The clouds above her began to swirl and pivot around one point. Like a storm, the clouds formed an eye in the storm, and light began to shine down.

"Let me show you my real power." Lucile boomed.

"What is your power?" Lion Lightening asked frightened.

"I have ultimate power." She sneered. She raised up towards the clouds and brought Lion Lightening with her. They ascended up through the eye of the clouds into the high regions of the atmosphere. Lion gasped for breath while Lucile shook with power. This was all her power, she could feel it reaching a peak, from there she wouldn't be able to stop the power from decreasing. She knew, that if she kept this up, she would end both Lion, and herself. But that was a decision she had already made.

"Lion, I am where I belong. Lets see if you deserve to be in the clouds." Lucile mocked him. The light above them shone brightly as they broke through the clouds into the most heavenly display of earthly beauty. The light focused around Lion and slowly his appearance began to face, he yelled out as the light engulfed him, and dissolved him. Lucile let go, and felt all her energy flow out from her body. She turned and fell gracefully back down through the clouds. As she broke through the clouds the crowds watched as she plummeted towards the Hudson River, the light shining down upon her as if she was an angle descending back to earth. People swore they saw her sprout angle wings as she fell. She soared down, her hair growing long, her super hero costume fading into an elegant white gown, and crown of shining diamond beaded across her forehead. But even before she could hit the water, she dissolved into the air. She had saved the world, and destroyed herself.