A picture that moves almost like magic through your head It reveals things to you while you have an open mind You have no reason to reject any of it You're too deep in sleep to even care

In a dream you can do anything That in real life you proably wouldn't dare but once you wake it is like it was never even there Unless like so many know not how to do Bring your dreams into reality And make them one instead of two

Daydreaming Daydreaming That is what of I speak Making your adventres of sleep A reality

If you could do anything in the world Would you follow where your dreams have taken you?
Or would you forget them and despise them for making you strong?
In my dreams, I think I'm not the same person I'm different I wish I could be the dream me But I am not and I never will be

So I can't decide if dreams are a thing to enjoy Or something to simply despise.