I wonder where this story will go? Main character is a girl, for the record.

Disclaimer: This doesn't represent my views. Fictional real life scenario.

This is the day that changed my life.

I woke up as exhausted and sore as I had been when I fell asleep. My legs hurt, my arms hurt, my back hurt, my head hurt. I slid out of bed groaning, I was definately not looking forward to school today. Christmas break ended only two days ago, am I so out of shape that just running across campus seven times a day is making me feel like this? No, I can't be. I didn't gain that much over the break, only a few pounds. And what the heck was up with my lungs hurting from running less than two hundred feet and those headaches I kept getting over the break? Honestly, I used to never be sick or get headaches and now I seem to always be.

As I stood up my right leg buckled and uncharacteristic pain shot through it. Today really isn't my day, is it? Wincing I stood back up, being way more careful this time. At least I've always been good at hiding pain, both physical and mental. I've really needed that talent a lot this year. I attend a charter school that has very, very high academic standards. To add on, I'm an overachiever who accepts nothing less than an A. So last year, when people warned us that tenth grade was going to be harder than a lifetime in Hell I had a feeling that the year wouldn't go well. At least I have hopes of getting out, since the only way I can get out is to go to an equally hard or harder place. I'm applying to a residential high school a few hours away from my home that specializes in technology. I reluctantly pulled on my uniform, which I also really hate (no uniforms at the residential school, yay!) and steeled myself to join my parents downstairs.

Well, they aren't actually my parents. I was adopted when I was three, since my birth mother couldn't take care of me, by my great-grandparents. As you can guess from their relation to me, they are kinda old. Not really old, just kinda. Seventy-eight to be precise. Of course, since they are old, they have diseases. At least my dad does. He has cancer, but currently it is in remission, plus heart troubles. Since he had a heart attack on a golf course and triple bypass surgery six years ago he now has a scar on his chest. It isn't as pretty as mine though. I had heart surgery due to part of my heart being missing when I was born. Obviously that is not considered beneficial to a baby! I'm fine now. I'm a exception to a lot of unchangeable rules it seems.

As I walked downstairs the first thing I heard was:

Dad, yelling. "I don't see why we can't just block off our border to those damn Mexicans! It can't be that hard to just close a border!"

Mom. "..." I enter, yawning. "Morning." I prepare ceral for myself as the conversation spirals off onto other random stuff and I lose interest. I read the comics, and as usual, none are funny. That fact in itself makes them mildly amusing. Then I look at my horoscope. For me, horoscopes usually seem to be strangely accurate, but today it is way to generic to mean anything useful. I finish my cereal, put the bowl in the sink and retreat back to my room. Ah, silence. Of course now it's time to go to school.

School=uneventful. Just my math teacher annoying me, my friend complaining relentlessly about everything possible, and my head feeling strange and my lungs hurting some more. I stopped noticing the pain in my leg once my head started feeling weird.

Once I'm home and in my room I start my homework, yawn, and then ignore it in favor of watching my favorite anime Kuroshitsuji. I love it. I even got plushies of Sebastian and Ciel! My mind eventually gets blissfully distracted until my mom calls up the stairs (my bedroom is a room on top of the stairs, across from only a guest bedroom and next to a small bathroom.) "Hows the homework going?" I tell her "Good, I'm almost done!" and reluctantly start on my homework, getting it done as fast as I could preserve my accuracy. As soon as I'm done my cell rings and it's my best friend, Rae. She wants to meet me at the mall near my house, ASAP, wonder why? I go downstairs and notice my parents aren't home, I guess they must have left while I had my earbuds in. I grab my keys and head out to my black Thunderbird (2002, it was 11,000$) and head out to meet her.

Halfway to the car I'm struck by a sudden dizzy spell and I stagger. I regain my balance and frantically look around to make sure nobody has seen. Maybe I should go to the doctor...no, I had a yearly a while back and was fine. I'll be fine I decide as I climb behind the wheel. Once I'm on a straight road I press down the pedal and enjoy for a moment before slowing back down to the speed limit. I spy my exit and speed up a little. Then another dizzy spell hits me, my eyes refuse to focus, and my car swerves off the road and slams into a tree. The last thing I remember before the blackness is thinking, "Oh crap..."