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My name is Alex Hathaway.

I'm a witch, as is the rest of my family.

There's a prophecy. Passed down from before the Salem witch trials, to every witch generation, to every family.

The prophecy speaks of one who will lose two of the most important people in their lives to the eliminators ( A/N : ironically their name should tell you a lot about them xp). They have more than the one normal power and the elements. More power than the most powerful witch families combined.

With that power they will either save them all and put the restless spirits of the Salem witch trials to rest, or kill of the existing population of witches and possibly take over the world and destroy everything. Everything the witches have built up to protect an train themselves and their very unfortunate children.

A/N : I would say it not your average cliche but that it self would be cliche so im not going to say just ignore that stuff ;) Lolz R&R please be truthful tell me you loved it or, sadly, hated it.