It won't be about Someday.

It'll be about how we survived,

How we stood triumphant in our painful times.

One Day Soon,

We won't be thinking about finding ways to fit in.

Fitting in will have found us,

Greeting us with a great warm welcome like a long lost friend.

In A Dream Soon to Come True,

There'll be no voice telling us this is where we belong.

We will already know,

With smiles spread wide and granting happiness to all.

With a Hopeful Wish,

There will be no imagination of victory.

There will be the hoisting of that fabled trophy,

No more saying "Next time we'll win."


One Day Soon won't be wishful thinking.

In A Dream Soon to Come True,

A Hopeful Wish will become History Gone Past.

No need to dream of better lives,

We will at last have achieved true bliss.

Soon we will not have to settle for never being good enough,

They will finally find the worth that was always there.

No more sleepless nights of deceased loved ones,

No more asking when they will leave us,

No more cold days by our lonesome,

No more Maybe This Time.

There will be time to embrace the feeling,

Pleasant Dreams will become Awesome Memories,

For us the world will remember your presence,

And our true friends will never leave us.

So, Maybe This Time,

We'll get lucky with a Hopeful Wish.

In A Dream Soon to Come True,

The pens to write our own stories will fall from the sky.

Then when the lucky pens' ink has washed away,

And the tears made of sweat have dried,

Then perhaps One Day Soon after,

Someday will finally come.