Chapter 7

I opened the doors to the school and ran out. Jonny, Leo and Jule were close behind me. The school day flew by and we were eger to get to my house. I asked them if they wanted to come to my house. I kept running until I got to the bus. As the doors to the bus opened my friends caught up with me. I climbed onto the bus and my friends followed me. I sat down in the first empty set I saw. I was hoping that Jule would sit next to me and she did. I looked at her and smiled. She smiled back once she caught me eyes. I asked her, "Does your little brother annoy you?" She replied to me, "Yep, like he always does. He always comes up with these complex clever pranks. I can't ever decide if he is really smart for his age or dumb for his age. He doesn't have straight A's, but he doesn't have C's." "Oh." I looked over at Jonny and Leo, who have taken the seat behind me and Jule. They were laughing and deep in conversation. I smiled at them and continued talking to Jule. I said to her resting my head on my hand, staring at the floor, "That is nothing compared to what my brothers do to me and you only have one sibling." She replied quietly. "Oh... Do your brothers hurt you?..." "Yes, almost every day we get into some fight and my parents never believe me." Jule was angry when she herd Jared say this. She leaned close to him and wispered loudly to him, anger in her tone. "Why?! That's not fair! They should get in trouble." Jule crossed her arms and leaned back in our seat, silent. I could tell she was mad at me. I wanted to cheer her up, but I didn't know how.

Jule was silent for the rest of the time to my house, I tried to talk to her, but she just ignored me. Eventually I thought stubbornly, Fine then, I won't talk to you either. The bus came to a stop a few blocks away from my house. Jule and I got up from our seat. Her arms were still crossed. We walked off of the bus with Jonny and Leo following closely behind. Leo jogged a little to catch up with us and whispered in my ear, "What did you do to make her mad?" I didn't want to tell him, I didn't want him to be mad at Jule for being mad at me for something that I cannot fix. I wispered back to him, "Do I have to tell you?" "Yes, you do." I sighed, "Fine, I will tell you later." "Ok then." I quickened my pace to catch up with Jule. I asked her, "Hey Jule what do you want to do when we get to my house?" She glared at me and ignored my question. Frustration shot through me. I asked her, louder than I intended, "Hey Jule. Why are you mad at me? I can't do anything about that in my life." She finally answered me softly, "Sorry, I shouldn't be mad at you... I am taking my anger out on you when I should be doing that to your brothers." "It's okay." When I looked behind my sholder to check on Leo and Jonny I noticed that Jonny looked upset again. I turned me head and saw my house a few houses up. I thought, I need to get Jonny to tell Jule, Leo, and I what is going on, I'm concerned for him.