A/N: 'Ello, loves! This is the opening little prologue/blurb that generally goes on the back of a book (is there a word for that?). It's super short, I know, but bear with me. This will update at (probably incredibly irregular) intervals, and the upcoming chapters should be much longer.


Her name was Katherine Ambleton, better known as simply Kate to those she allowed close to her. She was young and free, a mysterious being that I would have loved to understand, but never really could. No one could. She could be reckless, but could be exasperatingly cautious. She could be cocky. She could be modest. But she was so much more than that; she was a paradox, an impossible combination of genes that no one would ever compare to. From her favorite color—coral, not orange nor pink, nor any other common color, but coral and exclusively that—to her uncommon-but-not-odd fashion sense, she was unfathomable in a way that no author could explain in words. She could waste hours just staring into the rain, getting lost in the drip and flow of a single drop. She knew quotes like one knew their spelling words in elementary school. Her magnificence was outward as well. She had an otherworldly type of beauty. Her appearance was that of someone we hear about in novels, but never truly see—beautiful not in the world's eyes, but in the eyes of everyone who looks upon a person and sees beyond the imperfections, and sees the true beauty of a person. Her flaws tied together to make her looks that of something like no celebrity, but unlike an ordinary girl as well. But I'm getting ahead of myself, aren't I? Let me take this back to the beginning. Not her beginning, and not mine, but the beginning of something that would rock the worlds of every person involved. Let me tell you her story—after all, that's what it is. I am only a character.