It was the last day of summer break for all kids in Dayton. Mercedes DeBois was sitting on the porch of her ranch house watching the sun go down. She lived on a horse ranch with her mother Susan and her three siblings. Her twelve year old sister Charlotte, her eight year old sister La'Nita, and her one year old brother Andrew. Her dad Roger DeBois, lived in Indiana and they saw him once a month. Her parents divorced when her mother found out her father was having an affair. She was watching Charlotte groom her horse Oreo. "She loves that horse. Reminds of you when you first got Speeder" Her mom said sitting down next to her.

"Well Speeder was worth the two years of training to get him" Mercedes said.

"I hope La'Nita and Andrew will love the horses they pick when they're twelve" Susan said.

"Would you care if we went for a short ride before its time to go in?" Mercedes asked.

"No Just be back in one hour" Susan said as Mercedes headed toward the stables. "Hey I'm gonna go get Speeder and we're gonna take one more ride before we have to go in" Mercedes said. As they rode Mercedes saw a look of worry on Charlotte's face. "You ok?" she asked. "I'm worried about school tomorrow. Glory academy is a new place for me and so is the seventh grade" Charlotte said.

"You'll like Glory Academy Char" Mercedes said. Across town Bonita West-Stone was just finishing her chores before bedtime. She had just finished the laundry when he mom got home. "Hey Momma" Bonita said taking the laundry into the living room to fold. "Hey Honey, I figured you would be asleep" her mom said sitting down in the plush chair by the door. Leanna West-Stone was a social worker for a children's hospital. "Bad day?" Bonita asked.

"Yeah. Extremely" her mom said.

"I know you're not allowed to talk about it but, I'm here if you need to vent Momma" Bonita said taking her mother's laundry into her room. "Someday I may take you up on that Honey" her mom said.

"Well gonna put my laundry away and head to bed" Bonita said kissing her mom on the forehead, "night Momma"

Mackenzie Shivers was suppose to be in bed but, she was up watching TV. She couldn't wait for school. She missed Bonita. They had been best friends since Bonita moved to Dayton three years ago. "Bedtime Kenzie" Her mom said. "Ok" Mackenzie said, "COME ON PUPPIES!" her three little huskie puppies Shasta, Secret, and blue Eyes ran in her room and got into their doggie beds. The next day the school yard was filled with students new and old. Mercedes pulled up to the student parking lot and parked her jeep. She walked to the school steps and was greeted by Mackenzie. "Hey Sadie"

"Hey Kenzie" Mercedes greeted back. Mercedes and Mackenzie grew up together even though Mercedes was a few years older. Just then Mackenzie spotted Bonita. "Nita!" she called.

"Kenzie!" she called back running over to her. They hugged each other. "Girl have I missed you" Bonita said as they all entered the school.

Hailey's mom burst into her room to wake her up. "Hailey, wake up. You're late for school"

"Do I have to go?" she asked.

"Yes and you better keep your grades up this year" her mom said leaving her room. Hailey Salt was a thirteen year old rebel. She was into rolling skating and graffiti and has been arrested several times. She got dressed and grabbed her bag of little spray paints and put it in her back pack. She grabbed a granola bar from the kitchen and left.

Audrielle Stark walked into the auditorium and took her seat in the seventh grade section. Holding her song book close to her chest. She was praying so hard that no one would notice her. She was a bit of a local star. She had been singing around Ohio since she was eight.

Sigourney Secret was excited about being a seventh grader in Glory Academy. She heard the school had an awesome music class and it would be good for writing music. During the assembly all they learned about was school rules and codes like every year. When the bell rang for class Bonita and Mackenzie rushed out together. "What's your first class?" Bonita asked. "Computer Arts. Your's?" Mackenzie asked, "Gym" Bonita said as they made their way to their assigned lockers. "I guess I'll catch ya at lunch" Bonita said as she ran off to the gymnasium. Mackenzie grabbed her schedule and a notebook and put her bag in her locker. As she made her way up the steps to her class she was blocked by her ex-boyfriend Eithan Katcher. "Hey Kenzie" he greeted. "Hey Eithan" she said.

"How was your summer?" he asked.

"It was fine. I have to get to class" She said.

"Ok, I just wanted you to meet my cousin Elyssa. She's new to Glory Academy" Eithan said as his cousin stepped out from behind him. "Hey" was all Mackenzie could say. Elyssa was stunning. From her permed brown hair to her glowing hazel eyes. "Nice to meet you" Elyssa said as the tardy bell rang. "I gotta go" Mackenzie said rushing to her class. Mackenzie knew she was gay. She just hasn't really told anyone yet and Elyssa was the first girl she felt physically attracted to other then some celebrities she had crushes on. She hasn't even told Bonita yet.

Bonita reached the gym just as Mercedes did. "Hey Sadie, do you have gym too?" she asked as they walked in. "Yeah. Ms. Smith has all the cheerleaders in her class since she's the cheerleading coach" Mercedes said as they sat down on the bench. Audrielle entered the music room and sat down at a table. She laid down her song book on the table as another girl came up to her. "Hi, I'm Sigourney" she greeted, "I've been a fan for a while. We even sung together once"

"We did?" Audrielle asked.

"Yeah we were about nine and we performed at a dinner benefit down town" Sigourney said.

"Siggie?" Audrielle said.

"That's me Dell" Sigourney said setting down next to her.