After Bonita finished her stew she got on her laptop as Mrs. Hutcherson napped in her chair. She logged onto her website and checked the comments on her latest letter. She knew it was weird but, she wrote letters to her brother Eric. It was her way of dealing with missing him. After she checked comments she opened up a new page and dated it Monday, June Fifth:

Hi Eric,

Hope things are good where you are today? Today was the first day of school. I'm officially a high school freshman. Thankfully so is Mackenzie. I of course forgot my keys so I'm at Mrs. H's until Mom comes home. Mrs. H is so sweet. I know you would love her if you had the chance to meet her. I miss you so much Eric.

Love you!

Just as she made the page public her cell phone buzzed. It was a text from her mom letting her know she would be getting home late and would call when she was on her way home. Bonita shut down her computer and put it back in her bag. She quietly tiptoed into the kitchen to search for a snack. She spotted a plate of huge chocolate chip cookies. She took a small plate out of the light brown wood cabinet and placed one of the gigantic cookies on it. Then she grabbed a cup from the dish rack on the counter and poured some milk. She silently flipped the channels on the TV while she ate her cookie. When she finished her snack she cleaned up her dishes and snuggled up in a blanket that Mrs. Hutcherson made for her and fell asleep as she watched television. Elyssa helped Eithon set the table as her aunt put the finishing touches on her home made veggie pizza. "Sure hope she made a pepperoni pizza for me" Eithon said.

"She always does" Elyssa said as finished up the table by sitting out the glasses. As they sat and ate Elyssa told her aunt about the fashion glass Glory High had. "Sounds like you're gonna fit right in Honey" Daisy said.

"I'm trying out for the soccer team" Eithon said.

"Wow, I always thought you hated jocks" Elyssa said.

"I do but, I won't be like the others" Eithon said.

After dinner Elyssa helped her aunt clean up the dishes and put left overs away. She headed back upstairs when Eithon came out of the bathroom. "Hey E" he called.

"Yeah?" she answered walking over to him.

"Did Mackenzie say anything about me today?" he asked. Elyssa could see that hope for a yes in his eyes. "I'm sorry cuz, but, we just talked about school mainly"

"Oh ok" he said and went downstairs. She could see Eithon loved Mackenzie but, it was a love that wasn't returned and she hoped he would get over her soon. Eithon was sweet but, had so much trouble letting go of people he shouldn't romantically love either anymore or ever. At dinner Sigourney and her mother ate in silence for a bit. "So what's your friend like?" her mom asked.

"She's really nice and she still has an amazing voice" Sigourney said.

"thats good" her mom said, "does she seem healthy?"

"I guess, why?" Sigourney asked giving her mom a weird look.

"I just wanna know about your new friend" her mom said.

"Do you think she could spend the night this weekend?" Sigourney asked.

"I'll think about it" her mom said. Mackenzie was in her room trying to figure what to wear to school the next day when her mom came in. "Hey sweety" she said sitting on her bed, "Whatcha doin?"

"Trying to pick out what to wear tomorrow" Mackenzie said holding a white tank top with a black beaded bow design on it. "Thats pretty" her mom said.

"It would look good with my new white jeans" Mackenzie said. "So anything new?" her mom asked.

"Mom, I don't know what Jason is planning" Mackenzie said.

"Ok ok" her mom said, "Bed time in a few" Mackenzie sat at her desk and opened her journal. She turned to the page she was working on and finished it up.

With her mom's wedding approaching all she heard was she hoped her daughter found the perfect guy some day. What she wanted to say is her future spouse if she has one will be a girl but, she didn't know how her mom would react.

Charlotte was in her room painting when Mercedes walked in. "Hey that's really pretty" she said looking at her painting of a pink pastel rose. "Really?" Charlotte asked.

"Yeah" Mercedes said.

"I wanna make sure my skills are good enough to impress Mr. Flusher" Charlotte said.

"Yeah he's pretty tough to impress" Mercedes said, "I remember we had a project based on nature and when I painted this tree and added green glitter he said it was third gradish"

"I hope I can atleast be in my grade as far as art goes" Charlotte said.

"I think you're way better then seventh grade art" Mercedes said, "Well time to get the young ones ready for bed" Audrielle was sitting on her bed brushing her long red hair when her mother knocked on the door. "Hey sweety, its bed time"

"I know" she said, "Mom can I ask you something?"

"Sure' her mom said sitting down next to her. "Do you remember Sigourney? Audrielle asked.

"No why?" her mom asked.

"You seemed surprised to meet her" Audrielle said getting up and laying her brush on her night stand. "Well it was just you made a friend so quickly and I always thought it took longer making friends at a new school" her mom explained. "Oh well I better get to bed" Audrielle said, "Night Mom" She hugged her mother and crawled under her cover. Her mom kissed her good night and left the room. The next day at school everyone was buzzing around like school never ended. Mercedes went to her locker. She opened it and out popped a white envelope with a golden rose on it. She grabbed the envelope and her gym bag and headed to the nearest girls rest room. She went into one of the dull grey stalls and opened the envelope.

Meeting tonight on the little gazebo bridge in Rosebay Garden.

Mackenzie got to the school just as Eithon did. 'Hey Kenzie" he said blocking her path to the doors. "Hi Eithon" she greeted.

"i wanted to to know if you wanted to hang out at lunch time?" Eithon asked.

"Actually I always eat with my friends" Mackenzie said spotting Bonita walking up to them, "talk to you later Eithon" She walked to their lockers with Bonita. "I see Eithon still isn't moving on" Bonita said grabbing her gym bag out of her locker.

"Nope" Mackenzie said.

"So are you gonna come with me after school today?" Bonita asked.

"To where?" Mackenzie asked grabbing her homework agenda from her locker.

"I'm trying out for the step team today" Bonita said as the tardy bell rang.

"I'll be there" Mackenzie said heading to her computer arts class.