I sit looking out the window,
thinking about my head.
If it weren't for the doctors,
I could be dead.

14 hours of surgery,
and I'm alive today.
To my incredible doctors,
'thank you' was all I could say.

Sure, I forgot minor details,
but I'm still here.
I hope my true happiness
couldn't be any more clear.

I have a perfect life,
a home, a bed,
while others are sick
and soon to be dead.

It's silly to think
I could be there.
I could be dead,
which isn't fair.

I love life.
I love God.
So thank you, doctors.
To you I applaud.

You saved my life,
you sliced my brain.
You took out the thing
that drove me insane.

I'm happy.
I'm fine.
People act like
my happiness is a crime.

Get used to it.
I'm happy.
Quit acting like
I should feel crappy.

I am