The cold nipped at my face, a cloudy fog obscured my vision momentarily as I exhaled. The little white buds sang

in my ears as my back was bathed in a yellow light. The car flew by taking no notice in my wavering figure. 'Momma

please stop crying, I can't stand the sounds.' The words cried out painting the picture of a sad truth. They tug at my

heart yet no tears fall. Taking a shaky breath I curse the tears, so many fallen, no use for them. A numb feeling

taking over as my steps slowed. 'Daddy please stop yelling, I can't stand the sound.' Right foot forward, then the left.

My eyes stare blankly ahead, towards 'home.' My footsteps waver, becoming uneven and sluggish. 'I ran away today,

ran from the noise, ran away.' Pulling the blank device from my pocket the screen glowed, a faint reminder of a world

outside the protective cloak of night. The voice stopped, device returning to its home within the confines of my

jacket. The crunch of snow beneath my dull steps and the faint hush of my breath were the only things to pierce the

serenity of the night. A light from a house shuts off, bathing my shaky form in a calming darkness. My feet stop, a

slight crackle as I turned on my heel. Gazing down the path in which I came, I spot a faint blue light of a Christmas

tree at the end of the path signaling the passing holiday. Lights lined the walkway, as if showing the way.

Immobilized I stood in the shadows between these two beacons. Listening, only the faint noise of cars speeding on

the far away highway could be heard. Nothing, not even a light snowfall was disrupting this serenity. I stood,

searching the path that I came, for a purpose? For some hidden reason? I waited. My mind refused to turn, to look

at the path ahead. A calm floated over me, rooting me to the spot. A shiver ran down my spine and yet I stayed,

waiting. For what? I did not know. For who? I was unsure. Why? For the sole reason that I was entranced, caught

under this spell of night and silence. A car sped by breaking the silence with a roar and crunch of tires. My knees

buckled as my body fell limp. The snow seeped through the rough fabric of my jeans, and yet there I sat unmoving.

The silence returned, wrapping me within its comforting embrace. My breath was shallow as I stared expectantly

ahead. I searched and I waited. As my knees began to tingle with cold and my cheeks burned with the chill, I

continued to wait. A shy smile appeared on my lips, for even as I knew not what I was waiting for, the calm brought

unimaginable warmth to me. A long forgotten feeling of peace, of belonging, held me securely in place. It seemed

like I waited for a miracle, in this dream-like state, nothing truly mattered. It seemed as if I was alone, the world

outside nonexistent. Even with all this, I felt no longing, no loneliness or sadness, only belonging, joy and peace. A

sigh graced past my lips as the fog danced in front of my eyes. Closing them I took in the peace, a feeling of being

whole, complete and loved filled me. I sat, the beaten down snow soaking my legs and my cheeks tainted a bright

pink. With a groan a blaze of light cut through the darkness, the car sweeping a cold breeze on my back. The spell

broke as I turned, a chill running down my spine yet it was not from the cold. On weak legs I stood, stumbling along

the path. I imagined if someone had been watching me, a pale girl standing out in the cold. A washed out face with

emotionless eyes, staring out into the darkness; falling onto her knees in total defeat only to have a soft smile and

look of serenity cross over her features; sitting in the snow, reveling in the wave of emotions breaking her cool

façade. A wash in light, the grim mask returns and she opens her eyes, turning to stumble along her way. I would

imagine they would say "What a strange girl" or "wonder what was on her mind" only to turn away and forget

about it, possibly for eternity. Yet it was not that simple. Shuffling along, my thoughts torment my mind. Only now I

notice the crisp wind of the winter night as it freezes a single tear on my rosy cheek. Tripping up the ice slicked

driveway I glance up to the dark figure, its frame illuminated by the light of the room. With a shaky breath I

command my legs to move up the stairs. My memory conjured up the song, music ringing between my ears. 'Don't

want to go back to that place, but don't have no choice, no way.' Stomping the last bits of my night off my boots I shove

the heavy scarlet door open. Slipping through the threshold the lyrics echo in my mind, like a harsh reminder. The

last feelings of my peaceful dream, my waiting in the snow, stopped as the door slammed shut. I closed my eyes,

willing the song to cease playing. 'I don't want love to destroy me like it did my family.' Footsteps echo along the walls

causing me to open my eyes. Staring at my shoes I will my feet not to flee, not to take me back to my dream, to my

waiting. 'I'll be your little girl forever…I'll go to sleep at night.' Much like a shadow I slip by enclosing myself in the

darkness of my room. The plush fabric of the bed sinks as if welcoming me as I crawl in. Staring up into the shadows

the sting in my eyes doesn't draw my attention as my cheeks dampen. A silent sob shakes my frame yet my face

stays ever unchanged. In the warmth of my sheets, the soft hum of voices outside the door, my heart yearns. It

wants the soft chill, the sting of the snow, the deafening silence, the overwhelming darkness. It waits, not sure for

what, who, or why it wants to do so. Staying in this dream-like state, it's easy to forget time, wants, fear. It feels

like belonging, true serenity. And so I wait, I wait for the moment where I leave the mask behind and escape.

People call it a 'breach of reality,' I call it home.

A/N: Hello, this is my first drabble and to (try) and clear things up. Firstly the song lyrics are from P!nk's song Family Portrait I do not own those. This story is about a girl who is scared of her life as it is. She is able to escape into a different world, like an alternate-reality. She longs to stay in that reality where she feels she belongs and is loved, but the real world keeps pulling her back in so she wears a 'mask' to hide her true feelings from others and protect herself. This is what goes through her mind before, during and after she goes into her alternate-reality and how it makes her feel safe like how the real world scares her. Hope this explains a bit if you had any questions.