Jace Akiyama

Impromptu Creative Writing # 6
(259) I once dreamt about...


I once dreamt about a theme park built with colorful building blocks, and harmless children running freely around the block. They screamed out of excitement from the top of their lungs as people from all ages enjoyed their time at Legoland. An orange hue shadowed across the area creating a romantic feel for the evening. But it didn't stop there.

My eyes scanned across the area, seeing a big red bridge crossing from one area to another, a waterfall that hid a secret passage leading to an unknown destination, and a castle that resided close by to the bridge and the waterfall. It was a beautiful castle, but to whom settles in a luxury paradise remains a question.

I found myself on top of the bridge where I gazed out to watch the scenery and the park in a distance. I felt a smile being pulled on the edges of my face, inhabiting an unusual feeling that suddenly made me feel so..happy. It was unusual at first, but I couldn't help but prance around the bridge, eyeing out what rides I should rush my butt on first. There were many attractions, each with variety of lights that illuminated against the sunset apricot shaded sky.

My body was leaning on a rail where my grip ended up slipping, and I guess I fell from the top of the highest bridge to the bottom of the bridge. At that time, I was watching people jump from the high platform and survived without an injury. But on the brighter note, I landed on something cushy. It was yellow and bouncy, like a bouncy castle I wasn't sure how I was able to survive such a fall, but I did, and I was glad. Leaning too far on the edge of the bridge was something I learnt that I wouldn't do again. Then again, was jumping off the red scaffold really part of the joyride, I wondered.

As I slid off the bouncy cushion, I eyed my face to this familiar person dressed in all red and white. He was chubby on the belly, had a white fluffy beard on the face, and a child on a knee.-Santa? What are you doing there?

My feet moved by itself, realizing that I had just carried myself to an amusement park square where, surrounding me were cotton candies, arcades, and more upbeat rides.

Then a boy had approached me, tugging on the hem of my skirt. Oblivious of his presence, I continued to admire the amusement park out of fascination. What caught my attention was that he had the voice of an innocent toddler that asks questions such as "Where do babies come from?" or "Why is that man giving everyone lollipops?" Except, this boy didn't say any of those. He simply said, "Miss," until I looked to the right of me and bent down to his level. "Where is the bridge?" He pondered while his little fingers were still wrapped around the border edge of my skirt.

I noticed how he had pale milky skin and dark short hair. Although nightfall had already reached dark, lights were still dancing around the place in all assortments.

"The bridge is just over there," I smiled at the adorableness of this child in front of me. He had chubby cheeks and adorable lego piece built together on his arm. I figured that earlier, he'd been playing in a pit full of legos where it was free for all ages. "Just go straight here, then turn from there," I directed my hands so that he could understand easily, in case he couldn't hear what I'd just said.

"Thanks Miss!" The boy smiled cheerfully letting go the hem of my skirt before dashing off towards the direction of the bridge.

That's enough good deed for me, I thought to myself. I stood up finding myself gazing at a person far off in a distance, sitting alone as if he was miserable. Being thoughtful as I was, I walked over to the tall figure leaning against a brick-like structure with flowers and smaller foliage gardened behind him. I gladly took a seat next to the teenage male and made a few conversation starters. Before I knew it, we ended up laughing out of very lame jokes I ended up cracking.

The broad shoulders of this male had dark hair, almost like the little boy that I met earlier in the day, and slightly pale skin. Since the light was reflecting off the surface of his hands, I could only glimpse bits and pieces of his smaller appearances. He had worker clothes, like an overall that showed he is a mechanic helper for Legoland, and a hat that he'd originally taken off to expose his facial features.

Rockets were fired into the air as all sorts of colours flashed and snapped during the midst of the night. It was simply astonishing of what Legoland was able to pull off. My night couldn't have gotten any better, my lips curled, eyes pinned to the sky, and beside me, I just hooked up with a guy that I just met. (I'm kidding; I wish.)

I felt like I was running away from a creature in a fairytale, being lost in a forest while the chiffon hem of my dress flutters in the air. Structured buildings one after another were all dim and dark. I couldn't tell where I was or where I was bolting my legs to, but I heard instant crackle, sizzle, and wham into the air, and that's when I gathered my thoughts that I decided earlier that the garnet red bridge was where I was supposed to meet someone.

The time had reached when I finally got to the starting point of the holy bridge. I took one step after another on each steps, holding tightly on the railings and pushed myself forward as fast as I could, unabling to miss a single moment of the greatest highlight in my entire dream.

The cold waft of air gave chills down my spine as firecrackers continued, crowds wowing at the sight.

I was right; things couldn't get any better than this.

Sadly, I woke up.

I once dreamt about Legoland, the greatest dream of all time. And it was definitely my first linked dream.

My head felt calm. Eyes relaxed. Slowly, I find myself seeing pictures forming in front of me. I woke up in Legoland, a continuous dream, not to see fluorescent glints in the atmosphere, but broad daylight. I was insisted to take the car that I originally came with, but apparently there were more than enough people who were already in it, so I was escorted to find a cab by the same mechanic employee that I found on the night of the fireworks exploding.

Well, let's just say my dream isn't profoundly happy at the very end.

People wearing masks with long beaks raised out in front of them like Pinocchio's nose were following me. Oddly, there were all males dressed in the same black suit, tie, shoes, white tie. They all could've come out of a masquerade ball if I was just second guessing their occupation in an event. Surely, I would have been of no use anyway being kidnapped and all, but since I was chased, it must've been for a good reason, I hope.

It's just that I never found out that 'good reason' when I woke up.