Hands so smooth and soft

With fingertips, small pinpricks

And before me your eyes gleam

It seems unlikely this is a dream

Yes, the contours of your face

Beautiful, elegant bits of grace

I want to run my fingers trace

Your innocence where skin meets lace

Eyes and eyelashes, so many flashes

The expressor of your soul

Brown, deep and boundlessly wide

Emotion triggers something inside

Skin so smooth and delicate

There really is no replicate

And even then the scent of it

You always seem to complicate

And even now a building pressure

A burning pleasure

To the measure

Second guessing and I savor

Distinct flavors

Body wavers

Pained looks, hungry glossy eyes

Upon that lovely face

Body wrapped enticing now

Under that mess of lace

And even now I know that there is nothing like the taste.

Your hair which dances playfully

How I want you to stay with me

Movments flow so gracefully

In the midst of shameful things

Yet even I do not know of

How many hours we've set aglow

How many minutes in our stead

Emotions, instinct took control

But then again it does not matter

My mind is clouded once again

Silky hair and body slender

I can't resist this sweet surrender

Even now your senses acute

Honestly the lace does suit

Yet I cannot say the words I clearly can't refute

Even though you peer and peer

Releasing all that I've feared

Darling angel, perch right here.

And truly I cannot refuse that pouting look upon your face

Your eyes, the way you look, as though

This love shall never leave a trace

And even if this world shall end

And everything be left to rot

I'll still be here in faith and true

Just always know that I love you.