Prince Charming stood on his balcony staring at the sparkly glass slipper left behind by the mysterious beauty from the ball the night before. He couldn't get the beauty out of his head. Her light sun blonde hair and ocean blue eyes seemed imprinted in his memory. He kept thinking of their dance and how her glimmering sky blue dress flowed with her movements. Her rose pink lips smiled through their entire dance. He also remembered how suddenly she left when the clock struck midnight. He wanted so much to find the beauty and even make her his future Queen. "Son" the king called, "maybe you should forget this girl. No one seems to know her"

"No father I am going to find her if I have to search the entire kingdom" Prince Charming said. The next day Charming sat out to find his mysterious beauty. He rode through the entire kingdom. He stopped by every house, stand, and shop but, no girl had been able to fit the slipper. His carriage was strolling up a winding stone road when a young lady stopped them. Prince charming was stunned at how pretty the lady was. She had powder white skin and glowing green eyes. Her voice seemed to gleam musically through her dark rose red lips. "Sire I know where your princess is"

"You do?" he asked, "where?"

"I will tell but, for a price" she said. The Prince couldn't help but want to willingly pay whatever price she asked of him.

"The price?" he asked.

"Your first born child with the princess" she said with an enchanting smile. "That seems like a high price to pay" Prince Charming said.

"Yes Sire I am aware but, for your love to be true and last with the princess you're seeking it must be paid" the woman said, "it's set in fate I'm afraid"

"So in order to love my princess you must have our first born?" Prince Charming asked trying to understand. "Yes, it must happen that way or you will end up forever alone" the woman said still in such a sweet voice.

"Then I will pay it" he said.

"Sire as I promised for your price I would tell where your princess is" she said, "go right up that dirt path and it will take you to her home" she said pointing to a light brown dirt path between some cherry bushes. Charming nodded to the woman as his carriage took off down the dirt path. Prince Charming glanced at the woman one more time watching the wind make her long flowing black hair dance in rhythm with her short black dress. Which really stood out. He had never seen any other woman or girl wear anything like it. It sparkled and came right to about the woman's knees. Just a few inches above them. As the carriage reached the end of the path he saw a stone cottage. It was a faded white cottage with brown trim and a hay roof. It looked years old and there was a small pond behind it. The prince walked to the door and knocked. A woman of older age answered the door. "Sire" she bowed as soon as she realized who it was.

"Madam I am searching for the owner of this glass slipper" he started, "are there any young ladies here?"

"Yes I have two daughters" she said.

"May I speak with them?" he asked.

"Of course Sire, come in" the woman said as he followed her inside the cottage.

"Drizella and Anastasia!" the woman called. The two young girls rushed downstairs. The prince new right away nether of them were his princess. One had black hair in a blue bow and light hazel eyes. She was also a bit shorter then his mystery beauty. The other was taller and had blue eyes but, they were a darker shade then his beauty's eyes and her hair was a light fire red color tied in a yellow bow. Even though he would never be so rude but, neither girl was two lovely. To be nice he went on. "Ladies I am looking for the owner of this glass slipper" he said holding the shoe up, "she is to be my future queen and I ask that you both try it on" Like he figured neither girl fit it at all. "May I try it on?" he heard a sweet voice ask. He looked and there stood a dusty girl in rags holding a broom. She looks like a servant right down to her bare feet. "Who are you?" the prince asked looking at the familiar ocean blue eyes. "Cinderella" she said sitting down on a stool and extending her left foot to the prince. To everyone's amazement the slipper fit perfectly with ease. "You're the girl from the ball" the prince said looking up at her with hope in his light brown eyes. "Yes" she said. He gently pulled her up into a kiss. He led her to his carriage and she watched as her life of servitude drifted away forever. As she listened to the thuds of the horses trotting away she wondered if any other girl was as lucky as she was right now.