It was a beautiful spring day when Prince Flynn started his journey to visit his cousins. They had all been lucky to find their princess and Prince Flynn couldn't wait to meet them. As his horse galloped along the banks of the kingdom's beautiful ocean he wondered if he had a princess out there anywhere. Prince Flynn heard giggling and looked up. There skipping across stones in the water was a fair skinned girl. She had long flowing black hair, and a long shiny black dress that seemed to dance with her hair as the wind blew. As his horse trotted closer he saw her ruby colored lips and amazing shiny eyes. "Sire" she said as she curtsied.

"My lady" Prince Flynn greeted back as he nodded his head.

"Are you on the way to meet your cousins' princesses?" the girl asked with a sweet smile.

"Yes" he answered, "I hear they are the prettiest girls they've seen in the entire kingdom"

"Want to see your princess?" she asked.

"Sadly my lady I do not have a princess" he said sighing a little.

"Oh but, sire you do and I know where she is" the girl said with a slight smile.

'I'm sorry young lady, but you're making no sense" Prince Flynn calmly argued, "I am a unsettled prince"

"I know sire, but I know the princess who is to be your's" the lady said, "I can take you to her"

"What?" Prince Flynn asked thinking this young lady needs help.

"You're princess sits waiting in a tower for you" the girl says skipping around. He just looks at her and laughs.

"Don't believe me Sire? then follow me" she says and whistles. Just then a dark black stallion gallops to her and she mounts him. With a smirk she speeds off. Prince Flynn follows. They galloped through the town and all eyes were on them as their horses dashed passed several peasants and stands. They reached the part of the kingdom that lead to the forest and the girl stopped and made her horse turn to face Prince Flynn. "Sire there is however a price you must pay?" she said.

"What price?" Prince Flynn asked.

"If you want the love between you and your princess to last you must give me you're first born child" she explains.

"This an outrageous price to pay!" the Prince scoffs looking at the girl like she just fully went nutty.

"Sire, it's fate that has made it so not me" she says. Knowing that this is just the game of a off young lady he plays along. "If my princess is where you're taking me then it's a deal" he said.

"Then let's get going it's long journey to where your princess awaits" she says as her horse dashes off again with Prince Flynn right behind it. They gallop deep into the forest getting deeper in by the hour. Just as the sun was sitting behind the forest trees they came across a unique flower. It was a golden white color and it glowered. "Beautiful aren't they?" she asked.

'What are they?" Prince Flynn asked.

"They're a rare flower that only blooms here in this part of the forest" she said.

"They're beautiful" Prince Flynn said.

"Well let's keep going" the girl said and galloped on. Prince Flynn followed. They entered a clearing where Prince Flynn saw a huge tower. He circled it, but found no door. He saw a little triangle shaped window. That's when he noticed the young girl was no where to be seen. "Hello!" he called out.

"Hello" he heard back, but it wasn't the voice of the young lady. He looked up and there standing in the triangle shaped window was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She had light green eyes and super long golden blonde hair. Her hair was so long it was braided all the way down to the ground. "What's your name?" Prince Flynn asked her looking up to the window. "I'm Rapunzel" she answered with a sweet smile, "and your's?" she asked.

"I'm prince Flynn" he introduced back, "are trapped up there?"

"Sorta" she answered with a sudden sadness in her eyes.

"Is there a way I can come up?" Prince Flynn asked.

"Yes one" she said, "you have to climb my braid"

"Wouldn't that hurt?" Prince Flynn asked.

"Not at all" she said with a smile. Prince Flynn grabbed her braid and as lightly as he could and climbed up. She helped him through the window when he reached the top. He looked around and the tower looked so plain inside with just a bed and a few books. "You live up here?" Prince Flynn asked.

"More like imprisoned" Rapunzel replied.

"What do you mean?" he asked seeing the sadness in Rapunzel's green eyes.

'Mother Gothel, she took me from my castle when I was very young" she told, "my hair has magic, it can keep her young and beautiful as long as it keeps growing and is never cut" Prince Flynn then recalled the story of the missing princess he always heard growing up. He and his cousins always use to pretend to rescue her. "I've never been outside" she said.

"Rapunzel I promise you that I will rescue you from this awful tower and your taker and help you find your parents" Prince Flynn said.

"OH THANK YOU!" Rapunzel said giving prince Flynn a huge hug. As she released he looked into her eyes gleaming with happiness. He leaned in and kissed her. As weeks went on Prince Flynn visited Rapunzel during the day and left before night so mother Gothel wouldn't discover him. Then one night when Rapunzel knew Gothel was out of the forest spending time with her family Prince Flynn put their plan into action. He arrived at the tower that night and Rapunzel tossed a small bag of her stuff down to him. "I don't know if I can do this" Rapunzel said sticking her legs through the window sitting on the sill.

"Yes you can, I'll catch you" Prince Flynn called up to her. She took a deep breathe of the night air and pushed herself off the window sill. As she fell she closed her eyes. Just like he promised Prince Flynn caught her. "My horse is just up the path" Prince Flynn said as the headed up the path away from the tower. Suddenly a dark haired and dark eyed woman appeared. "MOTHER GOTHEL!" Rapunzel screamed.

"You foolish girl!" she said and grabbed her by the arm dragging her back to the tower, "You know I need you!"

"You won't if her hair isn't magic anymore!" Prince Flynn claimed grabbing his sword and holding Rapunzel's braid tight and cutting it with the blade.

"NO!" Gothel screamed letting go of Rapunzel's arm. She ran back to Prince Flynn's side. They watched stunned as Gothel aged rapidly and turned to dust. As they galloped off Rapunzel smiled finally free.