Chapter Two: Alternate Dimensions

Sometimes, I think that, dreams are like alternate dimensions of the real world. When you have a dream it usually includes elements of the real world. Like the machines, or people of the real world. And then sometimes, the dream is so barely altered, it seems almost like you're in real life.

That's what He does. He creates drugs that can send you into alternate dimensions, so in other words, your dreams. But he alters them. He began studies, on how to alter reality, and that's why he's so dangerous. Because he can alter us.

That's what he did to my parents. He altered them, so that they couldn't remember me. They would stare at pictures for hours, pictures of me, wondering who that child was.

She stared at me, those brown eyes boring into my skull, reminding me of pastimes, that I so longed to forget. Tears filled my eyes.

"Mama! It's me, Kyra!" I yelled. Kept staring, blankly.

"I-don't-know-you." She said, slowly, as a mother would say to a child who didn't understand something. I cried harder, rivers of tears, streaming from my eyes.

"Mama!" I screamed it, listening to the panicked echoes bouncing off the walls. "You know me, I'm your daughter!" I pushed the photo frame in front of her. The picture was her, next to me at a fair.

"I never had a child." She said calmly. "Calm down, child, I'm sure your mother just looks like me."

"No!" I screamed. "No! No! No! Why can't you… why… just remember… you used to sing, every night before bed to me, your voice that was sweet and beautiful, and I would ask why you don't sing in a choir, and you'd say 'Oh, Kyra, too old to do that!', and then you'd smile, and you'd laugh with me! You love me, I know, He just, He altered you! Why can't you love me again?"

She frowned.

"I don't know you!" She yelled. "Go away! You're crazy! Go! Go! Go!"

"But it's me!"

"Leave me immediately."

I cried for hours, by her side, although I didn't feel like I was in an apartment, by her side. I felt like I was stranded, in the middle of the desert, alone.

I woke, staring in to the eye of a menacing evil dog. In other words Him. He smiled, but surprised he had no test tubes, no syringes, nothing. And I wasn't strapped to my bed. I think-

"C'mon princess, you've got some stories to tell." He said grabbing my arm. I almost resisted. Bad idea if I did that. All it would earn me was another shot. He led me along the halls, and I obediently followed, shrouded by fear. He led me to a room with the walls all mirrors, so there were a million of us, shaking slightly as he slammed the door.

"You know," He said pausing. "Your father was an exceptionally smart man, but for some odd reason, he denied to aid me in my research. So I killed him."

This seemed to have a humorous air to it; He smiled and laughed as the beast he really was showed slightly in the mirrors.

"Look at me!" He said. "Aren't I irresistible?"

I examined the mirrored image of him. He had a skinny nose that seemed to move when he talked, eyes much too big for his head and wiry black hair that frayed at the ends. I remained silent.

"Excuse me," He said as he yanked my chin upwards. "I'm absolutely beautiful, don't you think?"

"Well," I said, glaring into his eyes. "When you put it that way, no you're an awful hideous beast."

"Funny, Princess." He spat. "But soon you'll be dead and…"

"What do you want from me? What do you want, anyway, what do you want so bad you would kill an innocent soul or more for?" I said. "Why would you become the evil genius you are, and nobody even knows what you want?"

"I want secrets. Secrets to the world, child. That your father told you long ago. All his secrets, tell me Kyra," He said position his thumb under my chin so his nose almost touched mine. His eyes become a violent red sea, tossing and turning with wildness. "Do you know what your father did for a living?"

I shook my head no. He had never told me.

"Your father was a genetic engineer. He genetically modified human beings for the government. For our army."

"So he had information about the government you want right?" I asked, as if I was really beginning to catch on.

"Sort of. Your father had a sort of… journal. Where he recorded his information hidden right in his-" His eyes widened. "I've told you too much you imbecile! You tricked me!"

A smile spread across my face, and then I realized he was reaching for my arm. He grasped my arm harshly, yanked my chin up to look into his hideous green eyes.

"Ahh... Kyra, you see you've done something incredibly stupid..."

"What?" I asked dumbly, being swept away into a river of thought.

"You've revealed to me that you know nothing therefore, I may kill you in an utterly disgusting manner."

"Ha you damn fool, now you've done it." I said smiling. I retracted my arm and pushed it forward hitting Him right square in the jaw. His jaw deformed, moving sharply to the right. Blood gurgled in his mouth. I grabbed his throat and pushed Him against the wall. I rendered him unconscious and he dropped to the floor, spilled blood on the white linoleum.

I ran.

Sprinted, looking for any exit, any way out. My wishes were granted. A door with a light above it flashing exit. I burst out the door to see I was in the middle of a dense forest. I kept running and became more and more aware of my surroundings.

After a few hours I collapsed beside a stream. I quickly fell into a deep sleep.



"Yes, it's Mama."

She looked how she always used to look happy, brown hair brown eyes.

"I just want you to know I love you..." Her voice faded away as she burst into flames, her ashes crumbling to the floor.


A short dream, but nonetheless terrifying. I awoke short of breath, gazing up into the bright of day. Next to the stream I had collapsed by. My mouth was dry. I stood, gaining my balance as my leg was not the greatest for balance. I stooped over and cupped my hands, drinking some of the stream's water.

Suddenly I felt something on my arm, and then a sharp pain. I looked to my right.

A wolf! It bit me again, sending me backwards. I sprang up from the ground, looked for a tree I could climb. I jumped up into one to my right, but then fell out, hitting my head. The surroundings twisted up, and I blacked out.