Dedicated to my good friend Sunakacus as an early birthday present! Happy Birthday Suna! XD

It could have been worse.

It could have been much, much worse. The world could have blown up. Fujoushi-ism could have dominated pop culture. Every story ever written could have been turned into angst, angst, and more angst.

But it didn't. Thank goodness it didn't.

For a day, for just one day, Suna was given the power to make some of the strange, bizarre workings of her mind into reality.

The first thing Suna did with her newfound power was to give certain male characters from certain JRPG's actual shirts that didn't awkwardly expose their abs. Sephi commended her for this, because Sephi agreed that such attire was quite ridiculous. Minny raised her eyebrows at Suna and Sephi's obvious joy at the change of attire, but I'm sure she approved of it as well. Chad, however, couldn't have cared less. After all, being a guy, Chad didn't really care for such "trivial", "girlish" manners.

Next, Suna forced Chad into a loli dress that screamed of the color pink, just because she could. Chad maintained his usual, stoic expression as Sephi burst into a stream of laughter. Even Minny was giggling along with her.

"Really…?" Chad asked as he stared at his fabulous dress. It looked as if a lace shop had exploded on him. If he was embarrassed to be wearing a pink loli dress at all, he didn't show it.

Suna simply snickered in return. "It looks great on you, Chad," she assured him. "In fact, you look even more fabulous than the fabulous debbie."

"Oh my God," Sephi exclaimed. "I need to make a picture of this!" So Sephi drew a picture of a chibi Chad in his fabulous loli dress and uploaded it to her deviantArt account.

"You guys are ridiculous." Chad stated as he rolled his eyes and walked out the door. Most likely, he was heading to his car to fetch a change of clothes because Chad had everything necessary for any emergency situation possible in his car. Suna contemplated whether or not she should just force the loli dress to stay on no matter what for the rest of the day, just to annoy Chad.

Instead, however, Suna changed Panda into a Pikachu because he was constantly poking her sides and was beginning to irritate the heck out of her. Panda was so overjoyed at being turned into a Pikachu that he started rolling on the floor. Suna, Sephi, and Minny stared as he went back, and forth, and back, and forth.

After rolling for a while, Panda got up and demanded, "why couldn't you at least make me a female Pikachu in a morph suit?"

In response, Suna sent her pet wolf, Poo, and her pet bird, Pee, after him. Panda summoned his pet succubus to protect him from Poo and Pee, but his succubus simply stood there uselessly making whipping noises, and Panda was force to flee to God knows where.

Not too long afterwards, Chad returned from his car. He had changed back into his usual short-sleeved collared t-shirt and pants.

"What happened to the dress?" Sephi asked him.

"Oh that?" Chad replied with a straight face. "I burned it in the parking lot."

"Whaat?" Minny exclaimed. "You burned it in the parking lot!?"

"Chad," Suna rebuked, "that's horrible." So in return, Suna changed his new outfit back into the same, pink, loli dress. Not having another set of emergency clothes, Chad was forced to wear the loli dress for the rest of the day. Chad shook his head at his misfortune.

The rest of the day was also quite entertaining, so say the least. Many things occurred that day. Suna thought everything was great and hilarious because she was the one making everything happen, but her friends could not quite agree with her all of the time. Especially Chad and Panda, who were stuck in a loli dress for the rest of the day and still running away from Poo and Pee respectively.

Finally, at the end of the day, as Suna's magic was beginning to wear off, Sephi and Chad took out a wrapped present the size of a shoebox.

"Happy Birthday!" Everyone exclaimed as they began singing the happy birthday song. Even Panda, who was still fleeing form Suna's pets, sang along. Unfortunately, his voice echoed in slightly late, but nobody really minded, although Sephi and Minny winced whenever the notes clashed together.

Once the singing, and Panda's late echo-singing, had come to a closure, Suna began to unwrap her birthday present.

"Wow guys, really?" Suna asked incredulously after unwrapping her present.

Under the wrapping paper, the box had been plastered with a thick layer of masking tape.

Link to the Chibi-fied drawing of Loli Chad: sephiriaevangeline. deviantart art/Chibi-Loli-Chad-347059333

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