The US has become technologically-advanced to the point where people have superpowers. There is also a new feature called real-time effects, which incorporates cartoon sound and graphic effects into the real world which can be triggered by people's actions.

It was just another day in the life of Hazel Kura, a young, 19-year old teenage male living in Los Angeles, California. He is Caucasian and is of Scottish descent, having light skin, silver eyes, and black hair in his family's followed hairdo: large, anime-ish bushy hair, which was cut to resemble steep pyramids, called the "Afromid". Kind of annoying, it scared some people, but girls often loved to touch it because it was soft. It was one year after graduating from High School, and Hazel has gotten used to his new freedom.

Hazel resided mostly with his father, but at times would go home to see his mother, Meena Kazan-Kura, aged 39, and divorced. Hazel doesn't see her often, since he spends most of his life with Dad. Meena was a polite person, and as such, she always had a smile on her face. On the other hand, by any middle-aged man's senses, she was very attractive: gleaming bluish-silver eyes, black natural hair, and perfectly chapped lips. Hazel couldn't see how his Dad divorced someone as pretty as she is. Hazel's older brother, named Andrew Kura is married to Rachel Stockton, and lives in Hawaii. Hazel had to save him from an incident in 2008, involving gangsters and debt. What a shame he was, putting the little brother in danger. It's supposed to be the other way around!

Hazel was safe, since he wasn't alone. His cousin, Mardy Dimensional, was right by his side. Mardy had a par-time job as a mailman, which saved him from getting thrown out by his mother, who was Hazel's aunt Sarah Kazan-Dimensional, as well as Meena's sister. Sarah was the complete opposite of her sister, where she was abrasive and strict. Then there was Mardy's brother, Taidon, otherwise referred to as TD. He was a know-it-all ass hat most of the time, often standing out from anyone else. A close friend was Melissa Porter. She was a heavy-set woman, and a great comedian.

The cousins had a couple of their post-graduate friends: Edward "Ed" Hansen, he was the oldest of the group, who graduated four years ahead of his friends. He tries to act strict, but sometimes fails. Anthony Forge, a sort of a tough guy person who often tries to cheer himself up. There was also Matthew "Matt" Silas, a dropout who's just living his life. Leonard Dax - he was of Asian descent, and didn't like girls. Lastly, there was Ethan Parker. He was shy, like Anthony, and liked to be independent.

Ryan Nowak is a recently graduated high school senior. His mother was named Illena Hart-Nowak, who had gained superpowers via technology after she was born. His father is Manuel Nowak, African-American, and aged forty-four. He divorced Illena after she gave birth to Ryan, and is a now professional businessman working in various cities. He always told his son stories about his being an alien due to her powers.

Ryan has three older brothers: Max, Shaquille, and Ramirez. Max was nineteen. He was a nerd, and spends most of his time on electronics. His power was enhanced reflexes. Shaquille was twenty. He was heavy set. Ramirez was twenty-one. He was a prominent jogger, and his powers were enhanced lung capacity and parkour, the latter which is shared with me.

Manuel Nowak married a Spaniard woman named Dana Lopez, who was a business woman. She was the head of the group. Dana had various powers, from growing hands to fast limbs, but five were most notable and common; first is freeze, where she removes control from her victim's bodies completely, the head, however, is unaffected, and they can still move their mouths, ears, and eyes, and can still talk. The second power was anatomical duplication, where she could duplicate her limbs, which would do as she commanded via her mind. The third power was enhanced dexterity, giving her very complex use of her fingers and toes, and improving her arrangement of puzzles. The fourth power was tactile illusion, where she can put someone into an illusion that involves all five senses. Finally, the fifth power was gravity manipulation, where she can move anything at her will, and also has the ability to make the object or person stay in place in the air.

Ryan and his brothers are currently living with his stepmother Dana while his father is on a business trip, alongside her four daughters, who were his stepsisters: Gretchen, Kristen, Evelyn, and Sylvia. They had green eyes and black hair, except for Kristen, who had brown hair. Dana made her own special rules around the house, for both him and themselves.

Gretchen was eighteen and the youngest sister. She is the same age as Ryan.

Kristen was twenty-two. She was semi-chubby and was playful. Kristen just graduated from college, and works par-time at restaurants. The family sometimes happens to encounter her at those times occasionally.

Evelyn was twenty-four. She was fairly athletic at times, though still has heart. Evelyn often listens to music on her earphones, paying little to no attention to her surroundings.

The eldest sister was named Sylvia, who was twenty-six. Sylvia went into the Air Force when she graduated. She was a grown woman now, and lived elsewhere. She was told by Dana to play the role of the house's mother while she was gone, though she often spends most of her time at her own house.

The Lopez family had some friends. Shawna Dalton - Dana's assistant, an African-American woman who spoke with authority, Mercury Myiko - a strict African-Asian girl who is very polite and friendly, and is also roommates with Sylvia, and Connie Deanda - a female body builder with a Southern accent.

Kamaliyah "Kam" Nadira was a Pakistani student who lived in the US, and she spoke in a clear American accent. She has a little sister named Yasmin, who has also graduated. She also had a friend known as Sienna Anderson, aged 22, an African-European stylist and former FBI HRT operator, who was a strict young lady.

These three groups of people form a union to experiment with their powers and make a cartoon out of life.