Author's note: I don't think anyone's surprised by what the guy turned out to be. But I hope everyone's still entertained. The last line in this chapter was pretty much inevitable - I had to include it. But, of course, the main point of this chapter is the ladies being badass. Because I always love that sort of thing. All feedback is appreciated. hotwing: Wanting her to be raped? Dude, no. That's awful. I doubt I'll have anyone in Runaways get raped.

April 14, 2013

It was after midnight, and Raven and Ashleigh still hadn't found Lisa. A hound – it seemed to be a stray – was sniffing a trail. It seemed nervous, but it followed Raven's orders. It eventually led them to a graveyard. As they explored the graveyard, they could see a mausoleum. The door was open.

"Uh-oh," Ashleigh said. "I'm betting she's in there. Come on, we need to hurry."

"Yeah," Raven replied. "No telling what's going on."

They ran to the Mausoleum and looked inside. Sure enough, Lisa was there, along with the man who'd talked to her. "Lisa!" Ashleigh shouted. "Come on! We're getting out of here!" Lisa showed no signs of hearing. "Lisa? Are you OK?"

"Ah, more lovely ladies," the man said. His voice sent shivers down their spine. They weren't sure if they were frightened by him or attracted to him. "I'll be with you in a moment."

"What have you done to Lisa?" Ashleigh demanded.

"Done? Nothing much. Not yet, anyway. For now, I've simply entranced her. I'm about to drain her blood, though, to turn her into a vampire. So if you wouldn't mind waiting for me to finish up?"

"A vampire?" Raven repeated. "Seriously?"

"Let her go," Ashleigh said.

"No," the vampire refused bluntly.

Ashleigh pulled her energy gun from her purse. "Now," she growled.

"A gun? Against a vampire? Please. Don't you know anyth-ooph!" He was cut off by Ashleigh firing the gun. The energy blasted him off his feet and into the wall. "Well well. Maybe I've underestimated you. Still, that may have hurt, but it can't stop me. Especially since I won't be letting it hit me again."

He turned to mist. Ashleigh fired again, but the blast went right through him. He reformed beside her and tossed her aside. She hit the wall with her left shoulder, and cried out. Her arm went numb. In a panic, she tried to lift the gun again, but he slapped it out of her hand.

"All right, you Twilight reject," Raven said. "Back off."

He turned, and saw Raven at the door holding a pair of twigs in a cross shape. He scowled. "Nice try," he said. He grabbed Ashleigh by the throat. She couldn't breathe. She felt the blood pounding behind her eyes. "Drop the sticks. Or I snap your friend's neck."

Raven hesitated, but then dropped them. She stepped back, out the door. "Let her go," she said.

"Certainly," he said pleasantly, releasing Ashleigh's neck and walking forward. She dropped to her hands and knees, gasping for air. "And now, I think I'll keep you from-" He stopped with a look of confusion, then looked down. Another pair of sticks had been arranged in a cross at the door. "Oh, very clever. But you do realize your friends are stuck in here with me?"

"Yeah, I know," Raven replied. "But I have a plan. A very cunning plan."

"Leave your friends and save yourself?"

"Not that cunning. I probably should just get out of here. But they're my friends, and I like them, so I suppose I've gotta do what I can to help them. In this case, that means stalling."

"Stalling?" the vampire repeated, before being blasted in the back. Ashleigh had recovered enough to grab the gun again. The vampire was knocked out the door, past the cross. "I'm beginning to dislike you girls," he growled. "No matter. Now that I'm out here, I can kill you."

"You think I'm stuck out here with you," Raven said. "No. You're stuck out here with me. And my friends."

At that, as horde of animals converged on him. Birds pecked at him, and he was bitten and clawed at by dogs, foxes, coyotes, squirrels, and more. Even bugs covered him. He howled in pain and frustration as he flung them away. But every time he got rid of one, another took its place. "Enough!" he shouted, turning to mist again. Raven had used the opportunity to get back inside the mausoleum, knowing the cross would keep him out. But before turning to mist, a thrown fox landed on the sticks, knocking them out of shape. Before she could fix them, he drifted in.

He reformed and grabbed Lisa from behind. He put his hands around her neck. "Call off your animals," he ordered Raven. "Or I break her neck."

The animals stopped, but she kept them waiting nearby. Including an ace in the hole who was just arriving. "Who are you?" she asked him. "What do you want with Lisa?"

"I'm a vampire, and I want her blood. And I want yours, too." He smiled menacingly.

"No!" Ashleigh shouted. She grabbed the sticks off the ground, then ran forward with them held up in a cross, forcing the vampire back. With one hand, she held the sticks. With the other, she grabbed Lisa's shoulder and shook her. "Lisa! Wake up! We need you! Lisa!"

"You stupid brats!" the vampire shouted. He grabbed a loose stone and threw it at Ashleigh's head. It hit her left temple with a horrible thud that made Raven's stomach turn, like she was about to be sick. Ashleigh dropped with a big gash. "You don't get it, do you? You're not Buffy, and I'm not Angel! You're a couple of stupid teenage girls, and I'm a goddamn vampire! You don't stand a chance!"

Raven scrambled outside. The vampire followed her, but as soon as he stepped outside, Raven's secret weapon went into action. A bear roared and slashed at the vampire's face. The blow knocked the vampire to the ground, with big gashes in his head from the claws. The bear was on him again immediately, driving its weight down on him and biting at his head.

The vampire turned into mist again. "Dammit," Raven muttered. When the vampire reformed, it was on the bear's back, and he quickly sank his teeth into the bear's neck. The bear tried to shake him off, but the vampire held on tight, and after a few moments, the bear had largely stopped its struggles. Only then did the vampire let go.

"I have had quite enough of you," he growled at Raven. Before she could move, he was on her, picking her up by the throat with one hand. He dragged her back towards the Mausoleum and tossed her in. She hit the wall hard. Her whole body ached, and her vision was going dark. She was finished.

"Now then," the vampire said in an annoyed tone. "Let me tell you what's going to happen. None of you can resist me any more. So I'm going to take my time, draining your blood, until your heart stops beating, and you have no more blood to give. Then, you'll be turned into vampires, under my control. None of this would have happened had you two Buffy wannabe's not come after me. I only wanted Lisa. I was told to kill her, and I was going to complete that job by turning her. I didn't give half a rat's ass about either of you, until you pissed me off. So you have no one to blame but yourselves for the fate awaiting you."

"No," Ashleigh whimpered at Lisa's feet.

"What's that?" he said. "Begging for mercy? I like that. You won't get any, but please, continue."

"Lisa, please," she said through tears. "Do something, Lisa, please."

"Lisa can't hear you, moron! Lisa's under my control now! The only thoughts she has are the ones I let her have!"

"Not . . . any more," Lisa croaked out. Her hands formed into fists.

"What?" the vampire looked at her. "You're breaking free of my control? Congratulations. Not that it'll help. Just take look into my eyes."

"Stay away from me!" Lisa hissed, turning away and leaning against the wall, with her eyes shut. "Why can't you leave us alone?"

"Don't worry. Another minute, and you'll never want me to leave you alone again."

He grabbed her shoulder and spun her around. She threw her hands up, and let out a blinding light. The vampire screamed in agony. "My face!" he screamed. "You burned my face! I'll kill you for that, you bitch!"

"Stay back!" Lisa shouted in a panic. She let out another beam of light, burning his chest and forcing him back. Ashleigh held up the two sticks in a cross. Lisa hit him with another light as he hissed and howled in rage and anguish.

"Your friend," he growled. "She's around here. I'll kill her, first."

"No!" Lisa shouted, letting out more light. It was enough to full the entire mausoleum, and the vampire couldn't stand it. His whole body was burning, and he was paralysed by pain and fear.

Finally, Lisa was out of energy, and the light faded. She dropped to her knees, breathing heavily. The vampire wasn't moving. Ashleigh could barely see out of her eye, and her head throbbed. Raven's vision remained blurry, and she was having trouble moving.

After several long, tense, painful moments, Raven spoke up.

"You know the crazy thing?" she asked. "I'm still just relieved this wasn't some Twilight crap."