Reaching waves of gray and mist,
The water splashed a salty kiss
Unto the newborn's wailing cheek,
The ship sailed on to waters deep.

Mother and sea-dog father
Wept melodic to their daughter.
For legends warn if born at sea,
On land, her life could never be.

Clocks ticked on in quiv'ring snags,
Years went by, 'til only rags
Were left for this famished three
the ship clout land, inevitably.

Fearful with each step they took,
Descending latter down -but look!
Though floundering her feet danced,
Nonetheless 'twas on the sand.

Near the bay her family kept,
Never-ending waves a-swept.
Unperceived, the feeling felt,
That part of her was somewhere else.

But now, of what, could child be?
Harbored was her soul at sea.
The curse, of course, dismal, but true;
Her heart forever out in the blue.

"Mother, pray, what is this?"
Pointing to a peculiar fish.
"Just a squid, nothing more!"
She plucked it up from the shore.

"Put that down, you might offend!"
"But mother, look, he is a friend!"
Piquedly her mother sighed,
Her child surely one with tide.

And at that epoch, she understood
The rushing flux of tides to flood,
That on the night procured her start,
The ocean had plundered her heart.

Thus fetching her brother to bay,
Caressed him tender, said "Good day."
"Sissy, wait! Where must you go?"
"Hush, I say!" She plunged below.

Now, at last, her adherence won,
With the blue she did become.
Resisting breath while beneath,
She faltered not, but oust a shriek.

Obliterating all that's been,
Thrashing wild and sprout fin.
This had to come, this had to be,
Her heart, she found, was in the sea.