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"Niall wake up." Milena hummed softly as she poked Niall in the head lightly. His eyes fluttered open before locking his big blue eyes with Milena's brown ones. Even after five years together his eyes always gave Milena chills.

"Morning beautiful." He said softly before pulling her down next to him on the bed. His arms wrapped around her tightly. "You know even when I hold you like this, it's still not close enough." Milena giggled before blushing. Over the past couple years she had come to realize that while Niall was romantic he could be cheesy sometimes. Either way it always seemed to make her blush, he had that effect on her.

"Come on we have to go meet my family, they want to see you again." Niall groaned, it wasn't that he hated meeting Milena's but they were strict and sometimes her brother could be scary. The two sat up and Niall ran his finger through his blonde hair.

"Do we have to? I mean we saw them last week." Niall whined and Milena rolled he eyes at his childishness.

"Chelsea's going to be there..." Milena said trying to change Niall's mood. Chelsea was Milena's best friend and also a close friend of Niall, the two would often go head to head when Niall started one of his beer chugging contests and would often be called out because of her crazy thoughts and mouth that didn't seem to have a filter. Niall's eyes lit up and he nodded eagerly.

"At least now I can have fun." Niall said practically jumping out of bed.

"What hanging with my parents isn't fun enough for you?" Milena said before slipping out of bed and heading towards the kitchen where the breakfast she made for them was waiting to be eaten.

Niall shot Milena an are you kidding me look and Milena responded with a smile. So her parents were exactly the funniest people in the world but they did watch tons of awesome movies and her dad did try to be cool and that was good enough for her.

Niall picked up the phone on the counter and quickly dialled a number. By the way he was talking –throwing in a couple vas happenings here and there- he was obviously talking to either Zane or Kris two close friends of Niall. When he was done he turned to Milena and smiled.

"Mind if Kris comes? He's been wanting to meet Chelsea for a while now." Milena smiled back knowing Chelsea would enjoy that. Not only was Kris great at sports but he was a complete gentleman that could handle all of Chelsea's Chelseaness.

"You're playing matchmaking aren't you?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Nial said before shoving several blueberry pancakes Milena had made earlier into his mouth. "Greatest pancakes ever! Did you ask Chelsea for the recipe or did she come earlier to cook them?" Niall joked which received him a light slap on the shoulder.

"I made them now hush up and eat. We got to get to my parents house in two hours."


The staring was driving Niall insane. When things got quiet he knew that was all Milena's parents were going to do. With the lunch eaten and Chelsea and Kris off in the backyard picking strawberries things weren't going so well. The laughed of Chelsea as Kris told her a joke was the only things filling the silence every now and again. At least some people were having fun.

"So Niall any plans for the future?" Milena's dad asked raising his eyebrow judgingly. Niall knew that if he said what he was planning the whole extravaganza would be ruined. Not wanting to disappoint his girlfriend's parent's he took them to the side leaving Milena on the couch watching them anxiously.

What was he telling them? Milena wondered as he parents heads seemed to nod approvingly, maybe he had finally told them about the music he created or maybe about how he was signing a deal with a record company in the next month. Milena sighed just as Kris and Chelsea came in with a bowl full of strawberries. Milena noticed that most of the strawberries weren't in the bowl but on their shirts and on Chelsea's face.

Chelsea went over to Milena and sat down beside her before slinging an arm around Milena's shoulders.

"What's up with you my bestie?"

"Niall's talking to my parents if you can't see with your own eyes. I wonder what their talking about."

"Mmm probably something about you guys living together maybe they want to move you guys into an apartment closer to home."

"Maybe." Milena looked back to Niall and her parents, they had just finished talking and her mother was bringing the group glasses of white wine. "What the occasion for mom?" Milena asked before Niall took a glass and raised it in the air.

"To all the people in the room, I want to give a toast to the lovely Milena, who makes me the happiest man in the world." Niall paused and gazed at Milena lovely.

"Get on with the speech man! Some of us don't have all day!" Chelsea yelled and laughter filled the room.

"Milena, you are my best friend,"

"Hey man I thought I was your best friend." Kris said before more laughter was heard. Niall coughed and the attention was turned back to him.

"Sorry Kris Milena has you beat. Anyways as I was saying Milena I truly love you and if I had realized it sooner I could have made you happier much faster. I don't want to say good bye to you that's why." He knelt down on one knee and reached into his pocket. As he pulled out a small black box Milena's eyes grew wide. She couldn't believe this was happening, they had been together long enough but every time marriage came up in a conversation Niall would dismiss it without giving Milena any insight on his decision.

"As your family, Kris and Chelsea as a witnesses, because god knows Chelsea will hunt me down if i don't do this sooner. Will you marry me?" Niall opened the box revealing a small ring, it wasn't flashy but it wasn't plain adorning small diamonds, he then slipped the ring on Milena's left hand. She smiled a smile as bright as the sun and as loving as a mother with her children.

"Yes." She managed to choke out even though she felt like her heart would burst out of excitement and happiness.

"Finally what took you so long bro?" Chelsea yelled before slugging Niall on the shoulder. Kris came and patted him on the back.

"We were all waiting for that bro. Hmm you never know maybe there'll be a couple that will rival your cuteness soon enough." Kris said as he looked to Chelsea who blushed before leaving the boys conversation of bachelor night drinks and headed to Milena who was still smiling as she sat on the couch gazing at her ring.

"So when can I expect blond babies running around? Do I have to give you some cooking tips so that they don't end up on my doorstep screaming for food that isn't burnt."

"Maybe you should, this way we can save my future children."

"You know the future is closer than you think." Niall said before wrapped his hands around Milena's waist and kissing her lightly on the lips.

"Ewww barf fest. I'm gonna go talk to Kris you two enjoy each other. Just remember to come up for air."

"Sounds good to me." Niall said before stealing another kiss from Milena. She blushed a deep red before shoving him lightly.

"Hey, not in front of my parents. You managed to get them to agree with the marriage don't ruin it with the PDA fest."

"I just want to show everyone how much I love you is all." Milena rolled her eyes before Niall leaned in for another kiss. Milena had all she needed a gentlemen for a future hubby and family and friends who loved her as much as Niall did. Life was good.

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