Dear Melody

Dear Melody,

I've heard that you are a writer, though you are not yet known for that fact. We have not formally met, but I have heard of your comings and goings from friends and phantoms. I wish to entrust you with my story. I have many sins that will never be atoned for, but maybe I can find some forgiveness in allowing you to commit my honest memories to paper. In the package you received along with this letter you will find eight chain links. Each link represents a year of my memories while living during that terrifying war. I would not normally trust a human with this task, but for the sake of our realms, please Melody, tell my story.


Leviathan Blynder

Dark Mage and

High Guard of the 13th Head Pendragon

Dear Melody,

I was honestly really surprised when Levi said he'd given you his memories. I guess people really can change, just like Alice had said they could all those years ago. Well, if my idiot brother-in-law will trust you, then I guess I can, so I've sent you the chain links of my memories from the war as well. Just be careful with them and… and apologize for me please. I wasn't the best person that I could've been in those years, but I want you to tell this tale as honestly as possible. Don't let people think I did no wrong, the truth is, I did. Please Melody, tell this story.

You have my trust,

Rozalia Tobias Pendragon

Spiritual Mage and

3rd seat of the Pendragon Court

Dear Melody,

I've heard that Levi trusts a human, namely you. This is very unheard of, though seeing as you now have Levi's memories, I need not say why. Many things happened in those years, many things that changed all of us. I used to trust easily, now, I'm incredibly wary of all people, even my friends. But if Levi will trust you, then I will provide you with my memories of those times, and the memories of what changed me… I only wish that you will tell this tale completely, and use our memories and emotions for the betterment of our realms. Please Melody, tell the whole story.

A friend,

Ethil Silvia Pensworth

Dark Mage and

Member of the Hallow's End Council

Dear Melody,

I hear that my husband Levi entrusted his memories to you. It is rare for him to trust any human, so I do assume that you are a human worthy of my trust. Right then, love, I've sent you the chain links of my memories for those years he told you of, and I have a very simple request with them. Please tell of our happy memories as well, love. You simply must know how false it is to say our lives were all tragedy, we all know that was not the case. We had our dark moments, but in those years we still laughed and played like normal children would. Within all that darkness we still held onto our light, so please Melody, tell our story, and tell it right.

With all sincerity,

Alice Marie Pendragon

Light Mage and

13th Head Pendragon

This is my first time trying this format, and also I'm messing around with a story that was originally a Harry Potter fanfic (my HP fic, to clarify). Since this isn't for school, its updates are likely to be slower than A Dreamgiver's Tale (Also the new plotline for this isn't quite set in stone... okay the genre label says 'Humor' on it... I KNOW. This particular part isn't funny. It's a Prologue to a semi serious adventure work. Oh don't worry, the humor will pick up immediately starting in chapter 1, and my hope is that by chapter 5 you'll all have peed or nearly peed yourselves twice... yes I know that sounds like a veery odd thing to wish for.

So... good, bad, or ugly? I won't know unless you send me a comment... please do. I really really really want to know what you guys think. I'm writing this for my readers after all ^^ So, review favorite or follow, let me know what you think and you'll make Melody a happy person!