I stood next to my friend as she called

"Will you play the piano?"

I nodded even though it seemed to get hotter

I followed her to the classroom and sat close to the door

She motioned to me and I had no choice but to walk across the floor

My stomach was a butterfly pen

My palms seemed to be able to fill a river with their sweat

I sat down and waited for her to begin

She pointed to me and at first I forgot everything around me

And let the music come from within

Then everyone started to sing and I was jolted back to reality

I started to trip

Started to stumble

By the end of the song I'd messed up most of the notes

My friend said

"That was good."

But I knew it was a lie

My face went red and I just sat there and kept from crying

I didn't speak for the rest of the hour.

When class was over I went straight away.

And the next time if she ask

I'll just say, "Not today."