Secret Journal Entries

"When reading my works I began to see that I have changed over time but have been the same all along. What about You?"

Poll please! Haha. I like to take polls for some reason, I never really understood why. Something about them and I guess seeing what other's thought... Oh! That's it. I like other's thoughts and opinions so naturally... haha. Ever done that before? Answered your own question. It's like I'm two different people in my head. One with the answers and one with endless questions. Oh, and the one that just sits there and thinks with out acting on those thoughts. Can't forget those fellows that take refuge in my head. Haha. Sounded sort of crazy there but I think everyone has little voices in their heads. You know your conscience and what not. Yeah...

"Nostalgic... How can it be when I have never down this before?"