"Shannie! Where were you?!" it cries as it slams open the door, eyes quickly scanning for anything out of the ordinary.

"Holy fuck, do you get how worried I was?!" Maggie shrieks unnecessarily loudly, the curious mixture of rage and concern quite amusing.

I swear... My ears... With these two, it won't be long before they need to hold a freaking funeral for my ears.

Even I'm not worried, why are they? I'd crack a dry joke right now, but I sorta appreciate their genuine concern, even if I don't understand. Because it's utterly unnecessary.

This seems like this'd become a recurring incident. Ah... it's been so long since people crashed at my place. Take note to leave a note to avoid these situations.

"Guys, chill. She's an adult." The drink thief tries to calm them down with a bit of reason for once in his existence. "I think..."

"Did you forget that the Celestials are after you?! I just told you!"

"Kinda, yea—" I start.

"WHA? The Celestials?! The same assholes who think they're holier than thou and kill anyone they don't like?" Aqua butts in on the—what was apparently—the screaming contest. Then, the mermaid clears her throat, but the fire is still in those ocean eyes. "Your Ladyship, do you wish for my aid? I will not fail you."

The room goes silent. Confusion is thick in the room.

I sigh.

"'Ladyship?' Are you addressing Shannie?" it questions a bit hesitantly.

Fishtail—yeah, the nicknames I come up—nods enthusiastically, humming as well. Yes, Aqua's name is Meredith. However, generating monikers amuses me. Aqua's sobriquets will, of course, be water/fish-related somehow.

"How will you help?" my childhood friend asks, suspicion and doubt dripping from her mouth. "And why would you help? Who are you?"

Ah, well. Maggie's not the continuing CEO of some company for nothing. She may be happy-go-lucky—and pretty clingy—most of the time. However, she's seen stuff, been through stuff. She's no naive innocent. You can't be when you've been repeatedly abandoned. That's probably why she sticks to me. 'Cause I haven't yet and she trusts me. I have ceased to question it.

"I am called Meredith. I am one of the protectors of the seas," the mermaid declares quite matter-of-factly.

Maggie's eyebrows scrunches up. "What? So you are an environmentalist or something? What does that have to do with anything?"

It lends a bit of assistance at this point. "Uh... She's saying she's one of Poseidon's daughters who look over the sea."

Coffee Brain (Avery) looks at Aqua. "Mermaids are hot."

We all ignore him. Unassured, Maggie continues. "Why would you help us?"

Scaly Face smiles and says simply, "Because of My Lady."

"Hmm. Yeah, Shannie tends to have that effect on people," Maggie half-hums/half-murmurs, nodding, for some reason now accepting Aqua.

I don—ah, who cares...

"But even if we have sea-people on our side, we still don't have enough. The Celestials attract a lot of other assholes to their side," it muses.

"And there are a lottttt of assholes in the worlds," Scaly Face (Aqua) sighs heavily. "I should know. My Lady just saved me from some who mistook me for someone else."

"'Worlds?' So...—Ugh." I grumble into my arms. I'm so done with all of this.

"Yup. You got it right. There are other worlds. Aren't you just glad?" Avery drawls. I can practically hear the smirk in his voice.


"Then, if..." Maggie begins tentatively. If there are other worlds and they hate the Celestials," she articulates as a happy glow overtakes her. A tell-tale sign of an idea birth. "Can't we band together and beat the shit out of them before they get to us?" Maggie suggests excitedly, jumping and waving her arms around.

"That's not half bad. So you do have a brain in there. I always wondered," Avery says so seriously, being the typical jerk he is.

I smacked the stuffing out of his head.

"Fuck! Shannie!"

"Thank you. I love you, Shannie." Maggie beams at me, then turns to the rest. "Then, these guys are the real deal."

"Wait, so you didn't believe Avery and me before?" it asks incredulously.

"Of course. You had no proof," she states smoothly. "Who else can we contact?"

"But the fire! Flames!" it sputters, indignant.

Maggie snorts. "I needed more proof. Three's the lucky number."

Aqua laughs like bells. "Girl, I would do the same. Let's get in touch with all the other races and beings."

"Well, Fira stands by Shannie," it inserts.

Maggie's eyes shine brighter, if that's possible. "What did Shannie do? I think I kinda know, but i wanna know."

"She kinda indirectly made Fira the world it is today. If it wasn't for her, their leader would be buried deep in the ground. And they absolutely adore their leader," Avery explains, filing his nails. Somehow, somewhere, he managed to get his hands on a nail file. I'm not even gonna question how. Life will be easier this way with these idiots around.

Devon slaps its palm on his mouth. Then laughs (?) nervously, shifty eyes glancing at me, then away.

"Ah, then that makes it easier. You have some standing and that will help in getting other leaders and their people to think about it." Aqua murmurs, nodding sagely. "Can you think of anyone near right now?"

"Yeah..." he smiles uncomfortably. "But they're in hiding. You know how it is. The Celestials are trying to kill so many of them."

"Then we'll show them Shannie, and they will come out of hiding for her. Besides, they can't keep running forever. It's time to push back."

Some people are born with powers, while some obtain them. Their hair color denotes what power they will have if they die prematurely, with regrets. If their hair color is a color humans aren't naturally born with, well, then they ain't human.

Red = fire [smoke, embers, ash] - burn/heal/warm/suffocate

Blue = water [ice, fog, mist, clouds] - control/freeze/drown/blind/boil

Brown = earth [dirt, sand, soil, landforms] - transform/shift/materialize/drop/throw/

Gray = psychic [mind, dreams, future, past, spirits, senses]

Black = dark/shadows [voices/hallucinations] - manipulate (encase/confuse)

Pink = cupid

Green = nature/plant - grow/shrink/tangle/capture

Yellow = light - blind/brighten/heal/rebirth

Purple = poison - slow/sleep/quick/death/fuzzy/pain/numb

Silver = familiars

Orange = fragrance - low/hi - overpower/take away/absence/wave

Fire users have a world of their own, just as mermaids (water wielders) do. Some worlds are near while others are in another dimension, if that makes sense. And yes I also took some liberties with certain aspects of mythology.

i'm starting to wonder why do I keep posting on fp. i've joked about discontinuing before. this ch was written months ago, but i didn't have much of a desire to post it. i'm tired. i'm so tired. i see no point in continuing to post.