Alone and still,

She stays in the dark.

Takes comfort in solitude,

And listens to silence.


No one hears

Her silent scream.

Her silent pleas,

Her death-filled eyes.


No one notices

The way she has

Lost all interest

In life.


She stays silent.

"Don't cause trouble

Don't be a burden"

She tells herself.


But one day

The silence


Too much.


She shatters and breaks

Screams and cries

And when it's all done

All that's left


Is self hate.


So she takes out the knife

Revels in blood

Wishing she knew why

She was so different.


Picking herself up

She cleans off the mess

And swears to never ever

Lose control.

But the damage was done

The stage was set

For so long the knife stayed her friend

She never lost control again


Until her dying day.

A/N: In case you didn't get the very last line, she ends up killing herself...