Summary: Claire is a popular girl. She has plenty of friends and practically rules the school, though, she's not mean to anyone. She's nice and gentle. Later, Claire is the second to last to leave the class room. She overhears a teacher talking to delinquent, Dylan, and wants to help him. Will love spark between the two? Can she help him?

Chapter One

"I saw Lamont today, he and Emily were making out in the hall, I thought you might wanna know," Sophie told me. Sophie's been there for me through thick and thin. She and I are best friends. Let's just say if I was about to be run over by a parade of elephants, Sophie would hold my hand and she'd go down with me. I would do the same for her. Sophie stayed with me when I wept about my breakup with Lamont. We dated for about a month and then suddenly, he broke up with me just like that. Sophie has warned me every time she saw Lamont so I didn't have to come in contact with him. She's the best.

"Thanks, Soph, but I'm fine, Lamont and I are over now, its all in the past. I'm not going to run from him forever," I said putting in the combination to my locker.

Sophie pushed a few strands of her long brown hair out of her eyes. "Okay, well, I gotta get to biology, we're dissecting frogs today," she said, cheerfully. Someone who didn't know her as well as I do would have thought she was being sarcastic but she wasn't Sophie was a total science geek. I'd say she was the smartest person in the whole school. Sometimes I envy that about her, she enjoys every subject she takes. From math to gym. Ah, gym, how I hate you.

"K, see you later," I waved to her as she slung her back pack over her shoulder and headed up the stairs. I turned around and began walking to English. I opened the door then went inside. Mr. Leech wasn't there yet, there were only four students. I noticed three of them were my friends. I sat down by Kelsey and the other two moved so they could sit by me. "Hey, guys, did you get a flyer yet?" I asked as a started taking out my English books.

"What flyer?" Peggy asked, she was a bit heavier then the other girls but I loved her all the same.

"The prom flyers, duh." Now, Chanel, she and I have difficult relationship. She's selfish and mean, sometimes I like her and sometimes she's an ass. Channel, has shoulder length, black hair, and always wore a heart shaped necklace, a different one everyday. Today a diamond. Peggy and Chanel don't like each other, Peggy thinks she's a stuck up jerk (she's right) and Chanel thinks she's an ugly, fat, worthless girl.

"So..." Kelsey began, tying her brown hair into a ponytail, "Who are you taking to the prom?" Kelsey was asking me. I opened my mouth but looked to Chanel when she spoke.

"I don't know about you but I'm taking the hottest boy in school, Lamont," Chanel gloated. I don't really have feeling's for him anymore but Chanel was going to far. She's jealous, that's it. She's always been jealous of me so she wants everything I have. I don't know why...

"Claire!" Peggy was leaning over my desk trying to get me to answer. "Huh?" I asked. "You were in some kinda trance, whatcha thinking about?" Peggy asked playfully.

I glared at Chanel. Everyone seemed to notice but her. She's never been the brightest crayon in the box. "Nothing." I was about to start a new conversation about the new shop down the street called, "Hayden's Jewelry," when Mr. Leech came in.

"Okay, class, I hope you all read Romeo and Juliet like I assigned you," he said. Mr. Leech was a pretty cool teacher but if you didn't do the homework, he'd totally freak.

Kelsey leaned in and whispered to me, "I just watched the movie." I laughed quietly at her.

"Hey, can I come over your place later, I really want to meet your family," she asked.

", sorry...were having the place painted, no visitors," I lied through my teeth.

Kelsey slid back into her chair. "Okay, some other time."

"Yeah...some other time," I said, talking to myself more then her.

"Mom! I'm back!" I yelled. No answer. That meant she wasn't home and she was out drinking. Typical mom. I trudged through the room. the carpet was worn out and stained, broken glass everywhere. Our house was practically two rooms. A kitchen and a living room. If its big enough to be even called that. Mom, Dad and I used to live in a huge beautiful house on a gorgeous street but every since my dad died from a heart attack. Mom's been out of it.

She started drinking a lot and got fired from her job. She's either out drinking now or she's laying in bed with a hangover. The only reason we still food and a house is because I got a job at a pizza shop and I also bag at a grocery store.

I walked straight to my room which in this case is a worn out bed in the living room floor. Laying my bags down I slid under a thin blanket and forced my eyes shut. Hoping desperately that this was all a dream. That it was never real.

Author's Note: Below Shows The Characters Personalities and Backgrounds. Please read, Enjoy, and R&R!

Claire: Claire White is 17 and rules the school and she likes it that way. She's friends with almost everyone, except for the people who hate her. Claire is blond and has blue eyes. She's best friends with Sophie Miller and is a trendsetter for everyone. If someone sees her wearing blue uggs, that will be the new style around the school. At school, Claire is rich and famous to everyone, at home, she's all alone. Her dad died, and now she lives with her drunken mom and can barely pay the rent with the money she earns at her part time jobs.

Status: Single. (Dumped by Lamont Grey)

Sophie: Sophie Miller is 16 and Claire White's best friend. She's forgiving, reasonable, and will always have you back. She has soft, long, brown hair and green eyes. She never wheres makeup and has great fashion, though, she's not trying to impress anyone. Sophie lives with her parents, and two young twin brothers, 'Drake and Harry.' Her family is middle class and live in a very average house. She hates Chanel and secretly envy's her hair.

Status: Dating Nick Reed.

Kelsey: Kelsey Reed is 17 and smart but never takes her grades seriously. She's African American and lives with her Dad. Her parents got a divorce when she was two and her father won custody. Her passion is art and will always be. Her brother, 'Nick Reed,' is dating her friend Sophie Miller. Kelsey is strong willed and will fight anyone who tries to pick on her friends or family member.

Status: Single.

Peggy: Peggy Baxter is 15 and never cares what anyone's thinks. She's a tomboy. She's heavier then all of her friends but she likes herself that way and she would never change it. Chanel picks on her a lot but she doesn't notice, Peggy's doesn't really know when someone's being mean to her. Peggy is incredibly considerate. When she's not around, Chanel calls her, 'Saint Peggy," because she loves to help others. Peggy's family is rich and her parents love her very much. As does her older sister, 'Sam,' attending Ohio Wesleyan University. Peggy had short red hair and brown eyes.

Status: Single but crushing on Peter Glenn.

Chanel: Chanel Valentine is 17 and is very beautiful and elegant. Though she's stuck up, obnoxious, and often selfish. Chanel has jet black hair and soft blue eyes. Believe it or not, she wasn't always like this. She was kind to everyone until her older brother died when she was 15 in a supermarket shooting. Her family has tried to pull themselves together but Chanel has never been the same since. Chanel is popular but is still a runner up to Claire White. She's painfully jealous of her and tries to take everything from Claire. She runs a site called, 'Look Deep,' where she trashes people all over town. No one knows who runs it though.

Status: Dating Lamont Grey (X-boyfriend of Claire White)