One day in the year of 1042, I was to meet my fiancé. He was a prince from the neighboring country. From the rumors I heard from the maids, the prince is an arrogant person with an ugly face. Father told me to get ready but I do not want to meet him.

"I want to have my own life, my respected father. You cannot control me." I muttered under my breath. The maids were trying the formal dresses that I had to wear to meet the prince.

"Your highness, what dress would you like to wear? I think the purple dress fits you better; on the other hand, the pink dress looks adorable. Princess, which one-" one of the maids turned around to face me only to find out I was missing.

The maid gasped and searched for me. She frantically ran out of the door to tell the guard. When she was out of my sight, I got out from under my bed and climbed out the window.

"Thank the lord my royal bedroom is on the first level." I whispered. In the distance, I heard the guards and maids yelling 'Princess! Please come out! Your highness!' I looked for the hole I found when I was little and crawled out. I couldn't go to the city since people would recognize me so I had to go to the mountains.

I giggled. There was no way anyone would find me now. I skipped into the forest. This was the first time I came out of the castle and the scenery was beautiful. The birds were chirping, and the rustling of bushes indicated that wild animals were near. I wondered which animal it was until I was mesmerized by the sight of a creek. The sun was reflected on the water and it sparkled. I crouched to reach into the water.

"Wow… The water is so cold." I whispered. In the distance, I heard water falling down so I walked up the creek. I gasped when I saw a big waterfall that was bound to be at least 50 feet tall! There was a big rainbow at the bottom. I took off my shoes to play in the water. After a while, I walked out of the water to go home. I knew that the prince wouldn't have waited for me… right?

While I was walking back, I heard even more rustle but I ignored it thinking it was an animal passing by. Suddenly, two men came up to me with clubs in their hands. Their mouths were covered with black clothes and were wearing dark green. I tried to turn around to walk back only to find two more men walking towards me. I looked on my right and saw three men jumping out of bushes and on my left, four people jumped out. I was completely surrounded by eleven men that were armed with clubs.

"Who-who are y-you?" I stammered and I gathered my courage. "I order you to tell me."

One of the men laughed. "Boss, this girl thinks she's inferior to us."

"I will have you beheaded! Who do you think I am?" I yelled despite my fear. "I am this country's-"

"Girl, I don't care. As long as you have money, you can pass. Do you have the passing fee?" the smallest man asked.

I was shaking by now. "N-no! I do not need to pay you anything!" I backed away as the men stepped towards me. My back bumped into the tree and my legs gave away as my bottom touched the ground.

"Can I kill her, boss?" the man on the right raised his club.

"Go ahead." The smallest man replied. He suddenly turned around. "I sense someone coming/"

"Help! H-" I muffled as one of the men covered my mouth. I bit the finger hard enough to draw out blood. The man yelped as he held his finger.

"Kill her! Quickly, kill her!" the boss yelled. The men approached towards me.

I screamed but stopped when I saw a man groan and fall forward. I stared at the man that was standing in front of me.

"I'm stiff due to sitting down for hours only to find the person I was to meet is missing. I'm furious right now so I'll beat you up." A new voice said. He had a sword in his hands.

"Who are you? Actually, I don't need to know. Attack him!" the boss yelled. The men attacked but the mysterious man dodged perfectly and attacked with his sword.

"Don't worry. I'll make your pathetic life come to an end." He smirked as blood spurted from the mountain bandits.

All of the mountain bandits fell forward; their eyes were open with their clothes covered with blood.

"Hmph." The mysterious boy smirked as he walked away.

"Wait! What is your name? I will make sure you are rewarded!" I yelled as I stood up.

"Don't need it. Don't want to tell you my name but most people call me Alex since my initials are that." He replied as he walked away.

"What a rude boy." I muttered as I walked toward my castle.

"I found the princess!" I heard one of the guard yell. The maids and guards ran toward me and made me go to my room.

"Your highness, are you injured? There is blood on your mouth" the maid said as she cleaned my face with a warm wet cloth.

"I'm fine. Did my fiancé come here?" I asked as I changed to a new fresh dress.

"Yes. The king wants you to be in his room right now." The butler came in and answered.

"Alright." I braced myself as I walked in. The king looked like he was furious.

"Father. As you ordered, I have come." I said as I curtsied.

"Annette Elizabeth la Mary de Louisinana, do you have anything you would like to say?" father asked very calmly.

"Ummm… You forgot 'be' in my name?" I said nervously.

"Annette!" he roared. I could see a tint of red on his face as if yelling would hide his embarrassment.

I flinched and said," I apologize, father. I will not do it again." I smiled secretly. I know father has a soft spot for me.

"As long as you don't do it again." He muttered. "Anyway, Prince Andrew will come again tomorrow. Be sure you meet him tomorrow." Father said.

"Yes." I walked out.

The next day, I practically could hear my father yelling my name as I sneaked away to the mountain again.

"That's life, father." I said to myself.