The girl looked determined. Her long blonde hair was a mess and the clothes she was wearing were dirty. Her blue eyes were bloodshot as if she did not sleep for weeks. She got her phone out to call someone.

"Hello? Luke?" The girl said after the other side picked up.

"Tallula? Is that really you? Where are you?" the boy on the other side of the call sounded tired as if he too did not sleep for weeks.

"Why didn't you help them?" Tallula bit her lips. "No. Better yet, let's meet."

"Yes. Let's meet, Tallula. Let's talk this over, okay? Where should we meet?" Luke sounded desperate.

Tallula smirked. "Tomorrow at midnight, let's meet at the park that we used to play together when we were little."

"All right. I'll see you then, Tallula." Luke said as he hung up.

Tallula hummed as she got her kitchen knife ready. "Oh, Luke, get ready. You will pay for what you did. I swear."

The next night, Tallula got ready. She combed her hair as she got out of shower and wore fresh new clothes. She wore long jeans and a big black sweatshirt with a hoodie. The sweatshirt had a Grimm Reaper with a death scythe as a picture. Tallula put the kitchen knife in her bag as she headed out the door.

"I am going to get answers, Luke and I will make your death short and sweet." Tallula muttered as she walked towards the park. There she saw, a teenage boy with brown hair off in the distance.

She walked over to him and said, "Yo, Luke. How are you?"

"Tallula! I was looking for you for weeks! Ever since our parents died, you just disappeared and I couldn't contact you at all! Where did you go? Did you eat correctly? Are yo-" Luke started ranting on and on about Tallula's wellbeing until Tallula cut him off.

"Why do you care? I bet you were actually glad that I was gone!" Tallula yelled.

"What are you talking about? I was really worried about you! I tried to contact you but you wouldn't pick up your phone at all! I tried to find you but you were gone from this town!" Luke yelled back.

"It's your fault our parents died! You killed them! You are the reason they died!" Tallula accused him.

"What are you talking about?" Luke asked as he took a step forward towards Tallula.

"Stay back!" Tallula screamed as she took a step backward. "They were the only ones that loved me. They are the only ones that bothered to listen to my complaints. They were the ones that cared about me! Now they are gone and you. You killed them!"

"What? No, that's wrong!" Luke said.

"You had everything! Friends, good looks, good grades, athletic, and you even had our parent's love! I only had our parent's love. Friends? People cursed at me and whispered behind my back! Grades? I was average but was always compared to you! Athletic? I have a weak heart so I couldn't participate in gym!" Tallula yelled as tears started to form on her eyes.

"You're wrong. Our parents loved you more than me! They-" Luke started but stopped himself.

"They what?" Tallula asked curiously.

"I can't tell you. They told me to never tell you." Luke answered looking away.

"Hmph. That is a pathetic excuse. I don't have time anymore so…" Tallula reached for her bag and took out her knife. "Die!"

Tallula ran to Luke with the kitchen knife pointed at him. Luke did not resist and took the knife at his heart. Blood trickled down his mouth.

"I'm sorry Tallula." Luke's hand trembled as he tried to reach for Tallula's face. "I shouldn't have lied to you just now. I should have told you the truth. Only if I was strong enough... our parents wouldn't have committed suicide... They would not have been in debt for your hospital fees… I'm sorry... I'm-" Luke's hand fell down to his side and he closed his eyes.

"Luke? What are you talking about? Tell me! What debt? What suicide?" Tallula asked as she shook Luke's lifeless body. "Open your eyes! Luke!"

Tallula stared at his brother's corpse. "No… No… NO!" She shook her head as she dug her fingernails in her face. "What have I done? I killed him… I-I drove my parents to their death… I have no one left now…"

Her body was trembling as her knees buckled and fell down on her butt. She hugged her knees and tears trickled down her face to her jeans. She stayed like that for few minutes until she raised her head with a determined look on her face.

"If I have no one left, then I don't have to live. I can commit suicide just like mom and dad. I don't want to live in this kind of world where no one cares about me… Yeah… I should die." Tallula said as she brought the kitchen knife to her neck and was about to bring it down when somebody stopped her.

"What are you doing?" Someone asked as he held Tallula's arms and took the knife.

"Michael?" Tallula looked shock but seconds later, she scowled and yelled, "LET ME GO!"

"Calm down!" Michael yelled back as he tried to keep Tallula still.

Tallula still struggled against Michael and screamed hysterically, "LET ME GO! I DESERVE TO DIE! I WANT TO DIE! I-"


"Shut up!" Michael snapped as he slapped Tallula across her face.

Tallula calmed down as she cradled her face with her hand and stared at the boy in front of her.

"Don't you dare let Luke's death go in vain, you hear me?" Michael continued as he grabbed Tallula's shoulders and shook them.

"What do you want me to do? My whole family is dead and I have nothing left... NOTHING!" Tallula screamed as tears streamed down her face.

"Why are you saying that now, huh? You killed your last family member! You killed Luke! You killed him, and not me or anyone else. You!" Michael yelled.

"I KNOW! I know... That's why I'm better off dead. I should die!" Tallula cried.

"But you have me." Michael's voice softened.

"Huh?" Tallula looked at Michael with confused face.

Michael embraced the girl and Tallula sniffed.

"Live, Tallula. Live to your fullest and make Luke and your parents feel proud in heaven. Help them rest in peace. Luke wouldn't want you to die."

Tallula clutched Michael's shirt like it was her lifeline and wailed loudly. "LUUUUUUUUUKE!"