I Collection of Poems I've Written~Enjoy!


Lavender, sweet and pure,

unravels away.

It's glorious petals allure,

people in every way.

It's love is surrounded,

by a garden of flowers.

It's beauty unbounded,

Its elegance is its powers.

In the spring,

It spreads bliss.

It's charm sings,

Such a graceful miss.

Every Living Thing Matters

From the small ants,

to the large moose,

from an old lion,

To the young goose.

from a wild dog,

to a trained hog,

from a chasing cat,

To a running rat.

from a frightening crow,

to a harmless doe,

from a sleeping clam,

to a woken lamb.

Any Volunteers?

If not now,

When shall we act,

With all of us together,

It can cause great impact.

The world needs healing,

Not on its own,

With a band of healers,

The world's not alone.

The world has suffered

Over the years,

We must fix it,

Any volunteers?