Emulated from 'My Kingdom' by Louisa May Alcott

The nightly terror of the land

The dragon, strong and true,

Who ravages the countryside,

Collects his deathly due.

The dragon is a fearsome plight

To any seat or town,

That which is plagued with sickened wyrm

That no knight can bring down.

Throat choked with flame that chars his prey

And burns down ev'ry house

And eyes that pin you where you stand

If you be man or mouse.

His claws that kill and that protect

Himself from hurt or harm

He has his ways to burn and raze

Each building, church, and farm.

He brings his prey back to his lair

Where he collects his hoard

And where he sleeps upon his heap

Of gold and jewels and sword.

No living eye hath seen his cave

Whose life was not snuffed out

He protects his wealth with careful watch

And thieves he is without.

Children with mother's nightly tale

That tell of terrors true

Know of these such ghastly facts

And know to ware such rue,

For when the sun sets on the earth

And darkness holds the sway,

The dragon comes to pillage and

To bring away his prey.