Old Sensations

Staring outside through the window,

There is nothing but a stillness.

Sure the children are playing in the streets,

And the wind is tossing around the leaves,

But it is not the same.

The cold air is unsettling to me,

Taking over that warmth,

One that would spread throughout the body

All the way to the fingers and toes.

I don't know what I'm trying to say,

But maybe I want that again.

You know…

To experience that warmth again,

Not taking it for granted.

Even if that feeling

Lasts only for a mere second.

It might be enough to keep me alive…

Taking a deep breath,

I move away from that window,

And with clammy hands,

I open the door,

Feeling chills from a constant fear leave me.

Gathering my strength and courage,

I take a step into that nippy air,

Seeking that old sensation once again.