Satuski and Theresi stopped to set up camp. Satuski was tempted to ask. "No," he thought "I can't. It would be impolite."

"You're thinking of how I became a Ronin aren't you?" said Theresi.

"No." said Satuski "I was thinking how did you find me?"

"Do you want to sleep sound tonight?" said Theresi.

"Yes." said Satuski.

"Then it's better I don't tell you." said Theresi.

"No," snapped Satuski "I mean please tell me a little about my past."

"Okay." said Theresi. "I found you when you were around ten, I don't no anything that happened to before then. The first time I met you I was hired by a Shogan to kill you. He didn't give me the reason he wanted you dead. I realized you innocence and instead of killing you I took you to a far-off village and left you there to live with a friend of mine. You grew up and our path's crossed once more."

"Who hired you to kill me?" said Satuski

"I've already said to much," said Theresi "Satuski, we have to leave here, right now."

"But, why?" said Satuski "We just stop to rest."

"Don't question me, boy!" yelled Theresi "There are enemies hiding in these woods."

They packed up their stuff as quickly as they could and began hiking the trails in the shadows. "I hope we get attacked!" said Satuski "I've never seen you in action before!"

"You don't want to see me in action, son." said Theresi "The work of a Ronin is far too bloody for a young man like you."

"Theresi," said Satuski "Where are we heading?"

"To where we are meant to be." said Theresi

"How do you know where we are meant to be?" said Satuski.

"From instincts." said Theresi

"How do you hone your instincts so?" asked Satuski.

"A samurai has the instincts of a wolf, the beauty of a butterfly and the skills of a bear." replied Theresi

"Theresi," said Satuski "I want you to teach me the ways of the samurai."