As you stood to go,
(a sight I both hated and loved
because I got to check out your butt)
I realized something.

You're short. short as me.

All of my friends,
all of my classmates,
towered over me like giants.

Especially him.
And did he take advantage of it.

He pushed me down,
smothered my light
until it was just about to go out;

Pulling back at the last moment,
letting me slowly regain my balance
before repeating the process.

He made me feel
like I was only
six inches tall.


He stepped on
my tiny, fragile heart
and crushed it
without a backwards glance.

Months passed,
but I still didn't grow,
preferring to stay silent
because no one heard me anyways.

But you did.
You held out your hand,
helping me up out of the dirt.

And when I looked into your eyes
(a beautiful blend of blue and green
that I already felt myself getting lost in)
I hit my growth spurt.

I was laughing and smiling again,
sharing hilarious stories
and awkward silences.

(And okay, yes, some flirting too)

I waved goodbye to you,
a soft smile lingering
as I return to earth from Cloud 9.

(Because even though I'm only 5'4"...

You make me feel like I'm 10'8")

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