Mirrored Images

Did you ever feel

The joy of love?

As it blew in the air

And into your heart

Seemingly lifting you

And land you gently

Into a land of

Caring and devotion

I felt love once

And the emotion

Never left me

Every time I see the face

Of my beloved

I change

A little more

I want to reach out

To help her

To touch her

To take away the


That I see in her eyes

But we stand a world


With a barrier between us

Forbidding our paths

To cross

Unless we steal a glance

In the silver gate

Which separates us

I try to touch her hand

But the barricade

Refuses to let me

Feel soft flesh

Only cold metal

With the glass on top

Which mirrors my own hand

My own eyes

With the hate inside

Which I can't reach to pull out

Because I stand in the way

Of myself

And I refuse to move

So I fall