Hi everyone! This is a supernatural/horror/action story that I plan on publishing once I'm finished with it. Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Chapter 1

Jason Walker was just your average Staten Islander. He enjoyed jogging around his neighborhood, reading, and chatting it up with his friends. He even had that typical crush who barely acknowledged his existence, let alone his feelings. One night, he had been leaving his bedroom to get a glass of water.

From that night onward, Jason's "average Staten Islander" life would change forever.

The hallway was pitch black and cavernous. As he made him way into the kitchen, something seemed to flicker in the corner of his eye. He whipped his head into the direction of a small girl. She wore an unusual sailor dress and her hair covered her face.

"H-hey there, little girl… Are you lost?" he asked.

"No. I'm exactly where I need to be," the girl replied rather harshly.

"What do you mean?" Jason asked her.

Then, the girl lifted her head up to reveal a gruesomely lacerated face and a psychotic smile. The smile grew wider and she laughed hysterically. Jason backed away from the girl and ran to his mother's bedroom.

"Mom! Mom! There's a girl in the hallway! Her face was all cut up!" Jason panicked.

"What? Not this again, Jason. I thought you had outgrown that years ago. It's late. You're just seeing things. Go back to bed," his mother mumbled drowsily and fell back asleep.

Fine! I'll take care of it myself! I know! I'll call the police! He thought as he rushed back down the hallway to check on the girl.


There was no one there anymore.

"But…but… I could've sworn…."

That afternoon, after school, Jason casually strolled down the halls of the Gymnasium after getting a drink from the water fountain, and then made a left down to the double-doors leading to the back of the building where the Archery club was being held. He walked outside past the Fencing Club's court. He stopped for a moment then glanced at the court for a moment, and then at the benches.

And there he saw her.

Her silky red hair was tied back in a slick and neat ponytail, dangling over and completely overshadowing her bulky white fencing uniform, while her bright emerald green eyes popped out of her messy bangs. Karen was beautiful, and the best fencer in the club. Jason studied the look of intense determination in her eyes as she waited for her turn to spar. She put on her helmet and vest, and then carried her foil sword onto the line.

The opponent quickly swung their sword towards her stomach, when she swiftly dodged it and made a move on her adversary. The opponent lost their balance for a moment, when suddenly Karen loomed over them and sent them staggering with a barrage of swings and strikes. Jason saw her ponytail swing up as she upped the force of her strikes. Suddenly the opponent was on the ground, appearing to be in pain, while the coach rushed over to stop her.

The teacher broke up the two fencers and confronted Karen. Jason knew what she was talking to her about; she was telling her to calm down and take it easy. Whenever she gets determined about something, mostly fencing, Karen tends to get into the heat of the moment and go a little overboard, and ends up hurting someone. She is the prettiest and the scariest girl he knows. He would never want to be in a fencing match with her, which, thankfully, is very unlikely since he doesn't fence. Jason suddenly heard the whistle blowing, and sighed, getting his bow and arrow ready for target practice.

Karen sat on the bench thinking to herself, Man! I've got to keep my cool when I'm in a match! If I don't, it'll get me in trouble. As hard as she tried to contain herself, it was difficult. She was a competitive spirit who enjoyed the intensity and precision of fencing. After all, in any fight, real or rehearsed, one might as well fight as though their life depended on it. A resigned sigh wisped through her lips as she looked at her opposition being slowly walked to the bench on the other side. Then, she then turned her head to the Archery Club next door, which coincidentally, her year-long crush Jason Walker had recently joined. She thought he was adorable; his messy short light brown hair, and childlike hazel eyes, like an innocent dog. And that she secretly liked to watch him in the middle of his lesson. But she could never tell him that; it would be too embarrassing!

Instead, she admired him silently, walking to school with him, chatting with him at lunch and on the way home. The only thing she didn't get about Jason was why he would ever pick a sport as lame as archery; it wasn't even a competitive sport, and therefore it wasn't competitive enough for her. She saw him walking over to a target carrying his bow and arrows.

The teacher blew the whistle, and everyone raised their arrows and aimed for their targets. The whistle blew a second time, and then almost simultaneously, the students released their arrows, which landed on different spots on the target board. Karen looked to Jason and then his target, and then back to him, where she could see him make a slight proud smirk. The girl next to him, with shoulder length dark blonde hair hanging down said to him, "Good job, Jay!" with her hand on his shoulder, which made Karen flinch in jealousy. Then she looked at one target next to his then compared the two. Jason's arrow was a line away from the bull's-eye, while the other archer's arrow was a perfect shot. That made her twinge with slight annoyance, the fact that someone did better than he did, but it went away as she realized that though he wasn't the best archer in the group he always did fairly well.

Then, the horn sounded for the next try. Bows were lifted, arrows pointed, and strings being stretched. Then, the group aimed and fired at their targets! She observed Jason's technique closely. Idiot! Why are you aiming your bow all crooked? She mentally berated her wide-eyed friend. His arrow shot out of his grasp and pierced right into the bull's-eye! She was so ecstatic that she could not contain herself.

"Yeah! Bull's-eye! That's how you do it, Jason! Woohooo!" she cheered.

Jason made a startled turn to her and grinned widely and proudly. Then, the rest of the Archery Club started to turn around and look at her. They began to chuckle and make kissy faces at her, making her face turn redder than her hair.

She staggered a bit, and then said angrily, "What the hell are you looking at? Huh?!" After that, everyone turned away, scared. "Yeah! That's right! You sit back down and mind your own damn business!" Karen huffed, as she quickly walked back to her seat.

About a half hour later, Gage sighed deeply as he waited in his silver Mazda 6 parked close to the gymnasium. He was supposed to wait there and pick up Karen and Jason. Heavy rock music was blasting in the car as he looked through the window to his right. No one came out yet. Then one hand with black nail polish pulled his shaggy black hair back, while the other pinched his nose and made him yelp. "What was that for?" He asked the person behind him. "I'm bored! When are these guys coming out, already? I wanna' go home!" His friend Amelia whined, continuing to pinch his nose. "Karen's got you whipped, huh?" She teased. Gage jumped up, turned bright red, and then impudently replied, "W-what?! I'm not whipped! She may be cute but nobody steps on Gage Sato Samson! I don't go for uptight Type A's like her, anyway."

"Wow! You used your full name this time. Alright man, if it means that much to you…" Amelia chuckled.

"Sato?" she asked him, looking quite intrigued.

"Hey, I'm half Japanese! Lay off!" Gage snapped.

Though, a snob as Karen may be sometimes, she does have a kind side. Gage knew that more than anyone. He and Karen had been close friends since middle school. Even their moms were close friends. She was one of his first friends after he was adopted by the Samson family. His previous orphaned upbringing made him a hardened loner of a boy who rarely let people in, but Karen managed to make him come out of his shell a bit. In fact, you couldn't really classify as much of a "loner" anymore! That was what made him like her so much.

Since about the start of high school, though, he's been trying to get her to love him back and failing. This is in part because, since about sophomore year, she had already started worshipping that Jason twerp. That hasn't stopped him from trying.

He saw Jason walking over to the car. The smaller boy opened the back seat door, Amelia sweeping her short dark hair with red highlights out of her face and moving over one seat. Jason sat down in his seat and said, "Karen said she'd be a little while." "Alright. Get in," Gage answered indifferently.

They waited several minutes when Karen finally knocked on the door, making Gage and Jason jump up. When Karen opened the door and walked in, they glared at each other, and then both blurted out, "Hey, Karen!" Jason was about to say something when Gage interrupted him and said, "So, how was it?" "It was alright." Karen said nonchalantly. She could hear Amelia's stifled giggling in the corner and looked at her in confusion. "Let's go!" Gage said eagerly starting the car.

Riding through the Manhattan streets in Gage's silver Mazda, Karen looked to Gage to ask him about how his other friend (and teen housekeeper), Beatrice, was getting home. "Don't worry; Beatrice has a car, too." Gage reassured her, then looks at her seductively through the rearview mirror and says, "It's Friday night; let's go to somewhere fun, like the movies! I'll ring up Beatrice and invite Sandro; we'll all see that cool looking exorcism movie! And maybe you and I…" "Sounds great!" Karen replied, smiled maliciously, her hand on Jason's shoulder, "I'd love to go! What do you think, Jason? You don't mind paying, do you, Gage?" This gesture made Jason blush and Gage purse his lips in disappointment. "S-sure. I don't have anything to do tonight." Jason answered shyly. "Oh, what, you're telling me you only want to hang with us 'cause you don't have anything better to do? Is that it?" Gage snapped at him, bringing out his Brooklyn accent. "N-no! I just…" Jason protested. "Gage! He meant he doesn't have any plans tonight, so he'd like to come with us." said Karen, who sighed and told Jason, a bit sternly, "Pick your words more carefully next time… some people tend to take things out of context." Gage retreated back to his seat and focused on his driving, but not without giving Jason a "You better watch yourself, kid" glare.

Geez! What's this guy's deal? Jason thought to himself.

He looked out to the window and saw a shadowed figure crawling around in the bushes. He jumped up and gasped. The others turned and looked at him, wide-eyed.

It was Karen who asked, "What is it, Jason?"

"Nothing." He sighed.

"Okay, then." Karen replied uncertainly.

"Don't scare us like that, man…" said Amelia.

Gage just ignored the whole thing and continued his driving. Jason turned to the window again and thought to himself: What the hell was that?

Then he stopped himself and shook his head.

No. It's like my mom always tells me. I'm just imagining it…

As the road stretched on and on, the setting sun sunk farther and farther, until darkness enveloped the city sky.