I am original

Okaerinasaimase, Goshujinsama! Atashi wa meidodesu, at your service! (Welcome Master! I am a maid, at your service.)

Bear with me. This story has a slow and relatively sad start.

I find myself in the most interesting situations, don't I? Could it be that I'm just that type of person? Maybe that's it, but who would have guessed? If I were a TV character or story book character I would be 'that' girl. You know the one I'm talking about, the one who helps out others, the one who has a magnetic pull, just the girl with the whole mess that comes along with being the main character. I never expected to be the main character in anything. Nor would I have ever imagined my whole world to change because of the kindness I had given to a stranger; or a few strangers actually. The one norm which I could rely on, my home, was now a far off dream. The comfort of home was the thing that gave the only sense of normality to my life but now even that had changed. This had all happen without my knowing, all an impulse. Had it all been my true self? One kindness, just a few kindnesses, and I was thrown into this society I was never going to become accustom to.


There are some things that stay constant no matter what happens in my life. The most important is that I can't stand to see people sad or cry. Ever since I was a little girl I would do most anything to make someone happy. I've had enough sadness in my life that I never want anyone to feel that way. Recently I have lost everything. One by one everything in my life had disappeared leaving me only one thing to hold onto. I thought I was being punished but in those feelings I found that I'd broken everything within myself. At the age of ten I lost my older brother in a terrible accident overseas. As years passed my parents could no longer stay completely stable. My mother threw herself into a depression as my "father" turned to vices to cure his pain. At the age of fourteen I found my mother who had taken her own life. Hearing of my "father's" mistress was too much for her to bear. I didn't shed a single tear even though my heart had been broken, maybe since it had been lost long before. I was torn apart from the inside but stayed calm and strong on the outside, even through the most painful things. My other brother stayed by my side through it all and tried his best to protect me while we took charge of caring for our baby half-sister. After my "father's" lover had the baby, out of panic and lack of maturity she disappeared leaving her child. Last year my "father" disappeared leaving us with a colossal debt and his lover's child. At this point I now live alone with my remaining brother and younger sister. My brother loves me and looks out for me while I try my best to help. Together our lives are back on track; who knows what track that may be. He works at a restaurant making low wages hoping to become a chef and I dropped out of school to get odd jobs now and then to support our little family. I don't regret anything I've done, even if my brother wants me to finish school. It's been a few months since I left it but our lives are more important. My baby sister's life is more important. I am a parent for all intensive purposes and I want this child's future to be bright.

Even while thinking about those things I found that I could walk care freely through the evening streets. It was as if my head was in the clouds, seemingly not having a care in the world. I tried not to think back on my past but move forward with a smile thinking "what if" and "tomorrow". Sometimes I was just like that and well that day had turned into that sort of day. I was still content with my life, even when things didn't work out the way I wanted. On this day I had gone to another interview and was turned down for yet another job. This wasn't unusual for me so it didn't affect me in the slightest. I applied to many places and I knew that jobs were tight. I tried anything I could but even with the lack of employment I kept a small smile on my face. Not many things could bring down my mood when I was like this, and a job wasn't a big enough deal to do it. So, how many jobs had I tried for and how many jobs had I been turned down for? The number was too many to count. Even when I had a job I found myself being 'let go' from everything for some reason or another. My brother and I had enough money to get by for a while longer so I didn't need to worry myself that much about finding income.

I whistled a little tune as I walked happily with a little bounce in my step, which made my short dark brown hair bounce as well. I remembered a song which filled me with nostalgia so my steps were light and my face bright. The streets felt empty today even though normally they would be crowded in this part of town. Watching the street lights pass by I continued with the tune and headed to the nearest store to pick up some needed groceries. Out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of a small girl crying. I continued walking into the store without glancing back at the tiny creature. I am who I am and that will never change.

"Here, take this." I extended my arm to the young girl trying to give her a packet of tissues, the price tag was still stuck to the package. She lifted her head and looked up at me with small teary eyes. I pushed her silky black hair away from her face. This girl wasn't a child. She had straight cut bangs and thin black hair and wore a loose white cotton sweater with a black camisole on the inside. She also had on a black short skirt and long black knee high socks which accentuated how long and slender her legs were. Her physical appearance would lead you to believe she was a young, even thought her clothes were rather mature, but that wasn't the case. This girl wasn't much younger than I, or that's what I started to figure. Her petite frame and underdeveloped body gave the illusion she was younger than she actually was. Most people would have mistaken her for a kid, as I had, but if you looked closely it was apparent. I noticed this rather quickly after repeating it over in my head a few times so that I was sure. I patted the tears from her cheek with a tissue. Her dark eyes locked onto my own for a brief second. "Are you alright?"

I only then realized that I was being overly familiar with this girl. I, a sixteen year old girl off the streets came to her unknowingly. I wore faded worn-out out jeans with tears everywhere. There were slight burn marks on the left side but I hid them well with checkered patches which I sowed on top to cover large holes in other areas which weren't torn. I also had on black converse, which I had saved for weeks but at this point were worn out. The shoes had checkered shoelaces and covering my torso was a tight black shirt. My hair wasn't unkempt but it wasn't as immaculate as the young girl before me. It was dark brown, yet brighter than girl's, and so short that it couldn't reach my shoulders, even if I straightened it as much as I could. Its style was more than slightly boyish and very sharp. I honestly only kept it like this so that I didn't have to worry about it or manage it, this was a strategic move made after catching fire. The only thing on my person that conveyed any sense of innocents was a silver locket in the shape of a heart. Other than that silver I looked like an unreliable person maybe bad or a delinquent of some sort, especially in this light. I only took the moment after approach to analyze myself. What was I doing? I looked at her in question even though question was directed at me.

"No, nothing is okay. I am not fine." The girl slapped my hand away from her. She covered her face with her hands, as if to hide her tears from me even though I had already seen them. I couldn't leave her crying here, it wasn't in me. I felt a light prick on my heart to see anyone, especially a girl like her, like this. I did the only thing I could in this situation. I knelt down in front of her sincerely and wiped the tears away again. This time she didn't hit me away or become angry with me, on the contrary. My presence was like a type of needed warmth. The slender girl threw her full weight, which incidentally wasn't much, at this unfamiliar person. Throwing her arms around my shoulders she buried her face into me and began to cry harder. I was in complete shock and I was at such a loss that I couldn't even move. I lowered to sit on my legs while holding her. Under all the cries and sniffles I heard something.

"Arigatogozaimasu." It was a soft sound which was muffled under tears, and my clothes, so it was only barely heard or understood. She had thanked me, for what? I didn't really know but she had. Not only had she thanked me but she had said it in Japanese. Even more interesting, she had used the polite and more respectful way of saying it. I didn't know what to do after analyzing the moment carefully. This was all new to me. All of this had happened because of my body's natural reaction. It was all the natural reaction and instinct that took over. Suddenly I found myself comforting this unknown girl. Gently my arms had lifted and hugged her while my head rested on hers. I was taken over and spoke while I stroked her silky black hair in a soft, almost motherly, manner.

"You're welcome." This was who I really was and there was no changing me, but who would even try? For a few minutes we were frozen in place, practically frozen in time. Why had I done this? Who was she? A single tear welded up to the surface wanting to fall and roll down my smooth cheek yet it stayed straining against my eye lids. I had never been able to watch another person cry. Every time it was the same as now, but that wasn't going to stop me. In my head all I could think was poor child.

It was late but she was still holding onto me as tight as when she had first grabbed a hold. I mustered up everything in me just to speak. "It's getting late. You should be heading home. Your parents must be worried about you..."

"I know they are not. My father does not care." Her words were sharp and full of anger. This must have been the route of the problem.

"If they won't then I will. Let me walk you home to make sure you're okay. You can tell me anything you want when we get there." I was sure she wasn't safe to walk alone at this time so I put it upon myself to look out for her wellbeing. Again my nature took the better of me leading me to say unnecessary things. I would care about her? I believe I already was. I let go of her slender body and lifted my head. I looked straight at her and gave a soft little smile, more like a warm caring smile. With that I stood and extended my arm out to her. She received my friendly gesture thankfully. Grabbing my hand she stood to her feet with a new sense of strength. I, a complete stranger had given her something she needed, but I wouldn't figure that out till much later what this might have been. In only a matter of seconds she changed into a child like state. She was attached to my arm, almost hiding in it. My sleeve was becoming stretched and I could feel her tight grip burning into me. Now who was being overly familiar? I laughed inwardly to myself at that comment before walking. She led me with only a single point in a general direction while expecting me to walk us there. I guided us through the directions she gave the best I could. It occurred to me, halfway through the walk, that she didn't know my name and I hadn't learned hers either.

"Sorry for not introducing myself earlier but I'm Naomi." I said it straight forward and outright so not to confuse her. I wanted to be known more than just a stranger girl but I to was a strange girl, Naomi, who suddenly comforted another random girl. The situation was unreal to me as I repeated what had happened and what was happening in my head. So fake, is what anyone would believe, but it truly went as I'm telling.

"Hajimemashite, I am Fujisaki Aiko desu." Again her voice was a very quiet whisper, almost to the point where I couldn't hear her, but I surprisingly heard her. Just as I had guessed from when she thanked me, she was Japanese. Her looks, her accent, and the language she let slip out were a dead giveaway. When I noticed she had crossed her English introduction with her Japanese I chuckled internally. It was rather cute especially in that soft yet high voice. Aiko, I found that name interesting and smiled at her again. It was cute and more different than the names I had ever heard yet still simple. We continued walking in almost complete silence after that point. Whenever a car or person passed us Aiko tightened her grip and leaned extremely close to me practically hiding behind me every time. The farther we went the fewer houses seemed to appear. I paid very little attention to our surroundings; my mind was still in a haze. I had been going over numbers in my head. The number added up to a low total of money left after paying bill and other expenses. I was balancing the check book in my head to pass the time. Since we hadn't talked for most of the way I took the opportunity to go over my balance. If I had paid just a little more attention than maybe I wouldn't have had such a huge shock when we finally arrived at our destination.

Arigatou gozaimasu - Thank you very much (A respectful way of saying it.)

Hajimemashite - Nice to meet you.

When Aiko introduces herself she uses her family name first and then her given name, what most people call first name. In Japan that is how you would introduce yourself or say a name in general. Last name first and first name last. In English - Aiko Fujisaki

Okaeri-nasai - welcome home

mase - adding to the end of Okaerinasai makes more polite or respectful

Goshujinsama - master

Atashi - I. (there are different forms of the pronoun I Atashi is the feminine version)

wa - can be used and is or am.

Meido - Maid

Desu... is hard for me to explain... Basically it's a polite modifier