Early morning Mission

Really short and quick chapter. Naomi gets to act charming again, though it pains her.

A soon as I entered the school yard I left the girls without so much as a farewell. I raced through the relatively empty halls. I had brought the girls to school with me early so that I wouldn't run into much trouble since not many people would be around. I brought three folders that Masako had handed me and made my way to the guidance office. There wasn't a single soul in sight. There were five small offices inside the larger office. At random I picked one and opened a filing cabinet. Searching through, I found student names and records. I placed one of the folders inside the cabinet and opened another folder and placed some papers on the desk in disorder. I went to the reception desk and placed the rest of the pages in the folder there. I opened the third folder which was my schedule and placed it in the copier and one in the scanner while placing another other in a tray on the desk. Suddenly the door of the main office opened and a blonde woman walked in. I took the moment to hide behind an office chair. I had picked the wrong one and she was walking straight towards me. I hadn't planned far enough for being caught. On the spot I came up with something. Letting out a cough I attracted her attention while I pretended to be tying my shoe.

"Who's there?" She looked around the room and saw me bent over playing with the laces of my shoes at the side of her desk.

"I'm sorry. Please excuse me miss. I didn't mean to startle you." I finished toying with the laces and stood to face her. I flashed her one of my best smiles and proceeded to try and win her over. "Wow, if you can pardon my rudeness I would just like you say you are very beautiful. I never expected my counselor to be such a pretty young woman."

"Well, thank you." She blushed coyly and turned to face away from me. Her rosy red lips pursed together bashfully.

"I came to drop off my transfer paper to the receptionist but I'm glad I was able to meet you instead." I extended my hand as to shake hers. She received my gesture but before she could shake her hand I took it in my own and turned to be caressing her finger tips. Slowly I lifted her hand to my lips and kissed the back of her hand. "I'm pleased to meet you. I'd love to stay but I have to get ready for class." Without giving her time to collect her thoughts or recover from the emotional up roar I had caused her I was gone. I had one more stop before I was home free.

Time was running out and I needed to go to the principal's office as well. My mind told me to run and my body was against the idea entirely. Running would only catch attention but other than that I was still tired from the accident. My body hadn't been given the time to recover, though it was my fault for that. I turned a corner, darted down a flight of stairs, down another corridor, and at the end of the hall was my destination. Luckily enough this was just the principal's office. Seeing there was a Dean overseeing everything this wasn't as open in terms of view nor was it that secure.

After having so many jobs I had picked up a few "skills" but I never thought I'd have to use the experience of something this shocking. For a short time I worked with a locksmith who would open cars for people who lock their keys inside as well as houses and things of that nature. I learned a few things, which I probably shouldn't have, during my short time there. I started to fiddle with the lock and before I knew it I was inside.

This was nerve racking to say the least. I could probably be arrested if someone found that I had broken into the principal's office and was snooping around. They'd obviously assume I was either a vandal or a thief, which I was neither. I cautiously made my way behind the desk, which faced me. All I had left was to place this last folder askew on the desk, go through the log and add my name and information, leave a fake guardian's number, and leave without anyone noticing I had come in. It sounded easy enough for me. I took a few deep breathes to calm my nerves before I continued on my little spy mission. Masako was sure to love the details, seeing as it was all her idea for a little fun. For a grown woman with children she sure was mischievous.

I was almost done. I few fake papers in the file and I would be in the clear but nothing in my life ever went as planned, at least not completely. While I continued to rummage throughout the office cabinets I heard a knock on the door. My back was completely turned towards the door and I was completely petrified by that fact. It felt as if an electrical current was running through my entire body when I realized how bad my position was. Everything went into slow motion as I analyzed the entire room. In the room there was the metal office desk, small cubicle metal cabinets, a metal table near a window with plants littering its surface. The decorations on the wall wouldn't help me at all. Hiding under the desk was too cliché and if someone were to walk around I'd be found instantly. The cubicles were against the wall and were facing the door so they were no help to me. The table was too exposed. I could escape through the window but that would be too drastic, there were too many plants in the way anyways. The storage locker was my only hope and who knew what was there. Quickly I opened the two metal doors and to my surprise there was almost nothing inside. I walked in and closed the panes behind me.

"Hello." Someone called from behind the office door before walking in. I could hear their footsteps coming in. "Is anyone in here? I could have sworn I had heard noises." This boy's voice was crystal clear, as if he were right next to me. Wait a second, really was. It wasn't just anyone but this voice was of the boy who helped me the other day. I couldn't remember his name very well but I knew it was him by his soothing voice.

"Psst, hey." I whispered while opening the doors of the closet. In retrospect I probably shouldn't have done that. Upon hearing my voice the boy jumped and let out a yelp. He would have been more frightened if he hadn't automatically seen me when he started jumping around. "Shhh, keep it down." I placed a finger over my lips and shushed the boy while trying so hard to suppress a smile. I let out a chuckle which couldn't be contained. Just one and I almost burst into full blown laughter but before I could another knock hit the door.

"What are you doing?!" I reacted without thinking and pure instincts brought me inside the locker again. Not only had I gone back into the metal container but I pulled the boy along with me and closed the door.

Oh, so what happens when a boy and a girl get trapped in a closed place together?