Cool September wind swept over Tally's pale white flesh as she walked out of her small home to school like she did everyday. Tally kept her head down low and hugged her waist tightly trying to keep as warm as possible. Soon arriving to her school, James Tinson High. About 10 years ago James T. High use to be a private, since public schools over populated they opened James T. to the public.

Tally walked up the steps to the school only to feel herself being pushed backwards. The force sent her basically flying halfway down the steps and knocking the wind out of her. She let out a soft grunt of pain and moved to inspect her body. Her old jeans had small rips in them, but now they were slightly bigger and stained with blood. She lifted her hand up and saw there was a gash in her left palm, also the same hand she used to catch her fall. She was pretty use to pain, but the sting in her wrist hurt so bad.

"oh my god, I'm so sorry," some guy said as he bent down and tried to help her up. "are you alright?" he asked as he stood her up. Tally nodded, making a soft whimper because of the pain in her wrist. He looked down and saw her pants stained with blood "Dear Lord you're bleeding. I'll take you to the nurses' office. Tally just nodded and held her wrist as he escorted her to the nurses' office, letting out a soft whimper every couple of seconds from the throbbing pain.

Tally didn't realize how beautiful the young boy was until he sat her down on a small bed to be seen. He had beautiful green eyes like emeralds and long dark hair that swept over his forehead just above the brow. His skin was easily compared to paper, thin and white. Blue veins coiling up from his fingers into the sleeve of his jacket.

"I'm Ari, by the way." The boy said as he sat next to her on the bed. "You don't know me, I'm new here" he said, looking at her. Tally nodded and looked down at her hurting hand which rested in her lap. She didn't say anything, like usual. Just closed her eyes and waited for him to leave. Eventually, they always leave.

"what's your name,?" Ari asked her. Tally said nothing. After a couple minutes, he asked her the same question again, but a little louder thinking she didn't hear him the first time. Again, Tally said nothing.

Over the course of 30 minutes, Ari was sent back to class and Tally was picked up by her unhappy mother. She had to leave work to pick her up therefor making her upset at Tally. Her mother was never really happy with anything Tally did and all she did was try. She always tried to make good grades, keep the house clean, do things that a regular teenager would never even think about doing. But over time, Tally just gave up trying.

Hours passed by and Tally was in her room finishing up the 500 page book she started the other day. Just as she flipped to the last page her iPod made a jingle noise saying she had a notification. When she looked at the screen it was a notification from Facebook. She sucked in a breath as she slid the arrow to unlock the iPod. She let out the breath she was holding as she saw it was a friend request from Ari Tomas. She accepted the request and looked at the message from Ari saying:

hey, I don't know if you remember me or not but

you kinda bumped into me this morning- literally (:

Anyways, I have your books and since I have no clue

where you live I'd like to give them back to you tomorrow.

Would you mind meeting me outside of school ?

Tally smiled wide and felt her cheeks warm up a little. She nodded to herself as she read the message three more times so she'd remember to meet up with him tomorrow. She didn't reply to him because she didn't talk in real life, so she thought it wouldn't be right to talk online either.

She could feel her emotions wrapping around him as she wrapped her blanket around herself, and she could feel her falling for him. Hard.

The next morning Tally got ready as usual, but for the first time in what seems like forever she made sure she looked fine. Not too good, but decent. Just better than usual. Her heart beat like a drum as she waked her usual to rout to school. She also found herself walking faster than usual even though she wanted to take her time. Her mind was racing therefor sending her body in a faster motion.

She reached the top of the steps and waited next to the door for him- where they bumped into each other. Within five minutes she had calmed down thanks to her iPod, but when she looked up and saw him her body got in the fast pace excited feeling again. She smiled softly and did a soft wave.

"Hey," Ari said, smiling as he walked up to her. "here's your stuff" he said, handing her a small binder, a textbook, and three notebooks. Tally smiled lightly and took her books back, hugging them to her chest. She nodded a soft thank you. Ari looked at her for a moment before speaking again,

"you must be really shy?" he said in a questioning tone. "I mean, you hardly talk at all. You don't need to be shy around me. I'm probably one of the weirdest people you know" he said, looking at her. Tally bit her lip and looked at her feet as she shrugged. She couldn't say anything. Talking only got her into more trouble. She can't speak. Never ever even mutter a word. Oh no. It could lead to disaster. It always leads to disaster.

"That's okay, you can get to know me then maybe you'll speak to me," he said, smiling his perfect wide smile. "why don't we hang out after school today? I could drive you home, too, if you'd like" he said. Tally smiled widely and nodded.

"awesome. So... meet me here after school?" he asked, Tally nodded. "alright, see you then" Ari said, smiling as he walked away inside the school, Tally following in behind him a minute later.

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