The past few weeks of Tally's life were almost perfect. Her mother allowed her to take the online classes, she's been happier than ever, and Cody has been hanging around a lot more lately. They had gotten really close and dug up a lot of information about each other. More than the first day they met. They've gone out on movie/dinner 'dates' and he's been to her house many times. They weren't exactly dating yet, but they did hold hands and whenever they hugged, he'd pick her up; Tally enjoyed that very much.{1} Not only has life been great, but Tally gets to celebrate her birthday with Cody. He was going to be here soon and they were gonna do everything she wanted- or so he had said.

There was three knocks at the door and Tally jumped up to go answer it. She pulled open the door, smiling wide.

"Hey-... What are you doing here?" Tally asked, her smile fading quickly as she looked up, seeing Ari.

"I wanted to come by and wish you a happy birthday," Ari said softly, his hands behind his back.

"Thanks, I guess," Tally said, "um... you can go now"

"Wait... I got you something," Ari said, pulling out the item that he hid behind his back. He happened to be hiding Tally's favorite flower, white roses.

"Oh... Wow..," Tally said, taking the large bouquet of flowers into her small hands. "T-Thanks... they're very pretty," she whispered.

"Just like you, Tally," Ari complimented.

Tally looked up at Ari and shook her head. "Don't..." she whispered as she saw his face soften even more than his expression already was.

Even after telling him not to, Ari spoke, "I miss you so much, Tally. You have no idea. I was a damn idiot ignoring you and leaving you for Jess. It was a huge mistake and, honestly, it didn't take me long to realize that. I just now got the confidence to tell you this. I'm so fucking sorry for everything I've done... Please... Forgive me... Take me back,"

Tally looked up at Ari with a arched brow. "You really think giving me a dozen white roses on my birthday and apologizing is going to make me take you back, Ari? Do you really think that? Because, if you do, then you're dead wrong," Tally snapped. "What you did to me was completely wrong. I hurt myself because of you. I cried for days and felt like it was I who made the relationship go all wrong. I loved you, Ari, and you ruined it. You ruined it and I will never ever take you back... so just leave, okay? I don't want to see you again"

"You don't mean that, Tally. You still love me a little, right? Love like that just doesn't go away," Ari said, biting his lip and fiddling with his thumbs.

"I mean it. Every word I say is true. I never lie and you know that. And, honestly, the love we had wasn't even that big... that special,"

"Do you regret me... us?"

"No," Tally shook her head and looked down, then at him, "I have no regrets about anything. Everything in life is either a lesson or a blessing{2}, and you, Ari, were a lesson,"

Ari nodded slightly and looked down at his feet. "Alright..." he whispered. They stood there in an awkward silence for a few minutes before a car pulled up and honked.

Letting out a relieved breath, Tally put the roses inside on the floor and shut the door, "looks like my rides here. Bye, Ari," she said, walking off and getting into the car with Cody.

"Who's that?" Cody asked, eying Ari.

"Ari, my ex... He came begging for me back," Tally shook her head and wiped invisible dirt off her dress. "Doesn't matter, lets get going,"

"Alright, where to, Birthday Girl?" Cody said, smirking as he pulled out of the drive way.

"Hmm... we should go to a fun park... with arcade games and go karts." she smiled widely. "I went there once for a field trip in 5th grade, but I was too short to drive a go kart and that was disappointing."

Cody smirked, "You probably still are too short,"

"Am not!" she giggled, playfully pushing his shoulder. "the sign said you had to be five foot and I'm 5'4 thank you very much,"

"Wow, you grew a while five inches since 5th grade," he said playfully.

"No!" she giggled, "Okay... Well maybe,"

"You're so short, Tally... It's so adorable," Cody chuckled.

Tally blushed slightly, "No, you're just tall..."

"Not really. I'm quite average for someone my age," he said

"Ookay," she giggled and looked out the window, seeing the fun park sign in the distant. She smiled inwardly to herself watched as they got closer and closer. When they pulled into a parking space, Tally jumped out of the car and walked to the drivers side and waited for Cody to get out. She smiled widely at him as he did and softly wrapped her hand around his bicep, letting him lead them in. firstly, they got tickets for the go karts because that's what Tally wanted to do first. They walked outside to the go kart station and waited in line. Soon they got to the front; it was slightly embarrassing for Tally when the guy had to measure her, but Cody was laughing his ass off the whole time. Luckily, she was tall enough; just barely, though.

They, plus the other people in line, got seated in the go karts and waited for the light turned green; when it did, Cody sped off. Clearly trying to show off. Tally was close behind him, though. As she tried to get around him, he'd swerve in front of her again. He was too good at this. A smirk plastered on her face, Tally lightly bumped his go kart. Sadly, it did not effect his driving. He slowed down and allowed Tally to pull up beside him. Smirking, he acted like he was going to bump her side; but he didn't.

Tally tried to do the same thing, but accidentally bumped him- and slightly hard, too. The bump did not phase Cody at all, but sent Tally's kart into a tire wall. She looked forward and saw that Cody was now less than halfway done with the lap; laughing at her attempt to beat him. Cody had lapped her twice by the time one of the workers came out and pulled her back and put her back on the trial. The time allowed on the kart each race soon ended. When they parked their karts and left the go kart area, Tally kept a soft, playful glare on Cody.

"Stop giving me that look," Cody said, laughing softly at her failed attempt to not smile.

"You cheated!" Tally exclaimed, but giggled.

"Hey! I wasn't the one who tried to run me over!" he laughed

"It's my birthday, you should've let me win," she playfully huffed and crossed her arms over her chest, trying her hardest not to smile.

"I was going to, but you got yourself stuck in that situation,"

"Did not,"

"Did too."

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"I did not!"

Cody gently pushed her up against the brick wall that led you to the golf course then inside. He softly rested his hands on her waist and gently pressed his body to hers. "Did too," he whispered with a smirk.

Tally gasped at the sudden movement. Her heart skipped a beat as she felt how close they were, making all the air in her lungs give way. "O-okay... may-maybe I did," she whispered, looking up at him through her eyelashes.

Cody said nothing more but stare into her eyes. Looking down at her pink lips and biting his own bottom lip, he leaned in a little. If any sudden movement were to occur, their lips would smash into one another, and that's not how either of them wanted their first kiss with each other be.

Tally closed her eyes and licked her lips carefully. "What are you waiting for?" she whispered, feeling her lips graze his own.

He smiled at the light touch of her lips against his own, which tickled slightly. He brought his hand up and caressed her cheek gently. "This," he mumbled before closing his eyes slightly and pressing his lips against hers.

The kiss even made Cody's heart skip a beat, which was unusual for him because his kissed many girls; but never has he felt like this.

A couple seconds pass and he felt her smile against his lips, which made him smile as well. He slowly pulled back and simultaneously they opened their eyes. The sparkle in Tally's eyes seemed to not only brighten his own, but the world around him.

"Mm... I've had better," Tally joked.

"You're a damn liar!" Cody exclaimed, laughing.

"You read me like a book," she said, giggling.

"And that's exactly why I like you," he said.

Tally smiled widely and looked down. "Yeah? Well, that's why I like you, too,"

"Looks like I'm liked for something,"

Tally looked up at him and softly took his hands, "I like you for a lot of reasons, Cody..."

"Yeah?" he asked, interlacing their fingers, "What are those reasons?"

"You treat me like a real, normal person..,"

"That's because you are,"

"Maybe. I guess when you don't talk for years time people think you're a freak," she shrugged.

"Maybe so... But you're my freak," he said, playfully smirking.

"Then you're my freak, too. And we can be freaks together," she giggled.

"Oh, that sounds real romantic," he smiled.

"What can I say? I'm a hopeless romantic,"

"I know you are," he smiled and let go of one of her hands. They peeled away from the wall and walked down to inside the arcade area. They bought arcade chips to play games. There was even a single photo booth off in the corner of the large arcade room. They took two films of arcade photos and booth kept one to themselves. After spending all their tickets and putting their tickets in the ticket eater, they ended up with 1200 points to spend at the counter. They stood in line for which seemed like forever in anticipation, but when they finally got to the front it was a relief. Cody had gotten Tally a huge, and I mean huge, stuffed animal monkey{3} that was pink with a white tummy and mouth/muzzle. It wore a white shirt that had a picture of another monkey holding a banana. The monkey had cost them 1000 of the points, so they spent the rest on candy, Slinky's, and bouncy balls.

When they got out to the car, Tally put the monkey into the back seat and buckled it in before getting in the passenger seat and buckling herself in.

"Now where to?" asked Cody as he started the car.

"Hmm... We should go get ice cream," she smiled wide at him as he nodded and started driving to the nearest ice cream place. They soon arrived and ordered their ice cream. Tally got Coconut Mint Chip and Cody got Cookie Dough. They took seats in the back corner of the small ice cream place, which happened to be basically empty, and ate their ice cream with laughs and giggles.

"You have to try this, Cody..," Tally said, shoveling some ice cream onto her white plastic spoon. She moved the spoon close to him mouth, "Open," she said, giggling. Cody laughed and opened his mouth, closed his lips over the spoon, and sucked the ice cream off the spoon.

"Mm," he hummed, as the ice cream melted and spread over his tongue, "That was really good, but now you have to try mine," he said, shoveling some of his own ice cream on his spoon and letting her suck off the frozen liquid.

"Mm, but nope, mine is still better," she smirked.

"Yeah, maybe you're right," he laughed.

"I'm always right,"

"Vven if you're wrong, you're right. After all, you are a woman" he smirked. Tally giggled and continued to eat her ice cream.

They ended the night by going out to eat at Olive Garden then seeing a movie. During the whole movie they held hands and kept playfully tossing popcorn at one another when the other was not looking. When they movie ended they drove back to Tally's house. He turned off the car and Tally unbuckled her seat belt then turned towards him. She reached over and softly took his hand, playing with his fingers.

"I have one more birthday wish that I want from you," Tally whispered.

"And what is that?"

"I want you to stay with me tonight. So I can fall asleep in your arms, if that's okay?"

Cody chuckled softly and brought her hands to his lips, softly kissing a couple fingers, "Of course it's okay..." he said. He softly let go of her hands and started getting out of the car. He walked to her side and opened the door, picked her up out of her seat, and carried her inside-after a difficult minute of unlocking the door. Shutting the door with a swift kick of his foot, her carried her into her room and laid her on the bed. He lost his balance and accidentally fell, basically landing on top of Tally.

"Sorry," Cody chuckled.

"It's okay," Tally said, giggling as she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him closer. She scooted over slightly to give him more room.

They kicked their shoes off and cuddled comfortably into each other.

"Cody?" Tally whispered, her eyes still closed.


"Thank you,"

"For what, exactly?" he asked, looking down at her since her head was on his chest.

"For giving me the best birthday ever," she whispered, still keeping her eyes shut. Her lips held a soft smile.

"You're welcome, Tally... But I'd do this for you everyday if you wanted,"

"Mm... You're the best..." she mumbled.

"You're the best thing that's ever happened to me," he whispered, closing his eyes. Tally smiled and nodded softly, drifting into a deep sleep. And so did Cody, holding the girl of his new dream.

I just wanted to add in that I absolutely love hugs like that because they are so fun and cute and mean so much and aw... yeah :3

"Everything in life is either a lesson or a blessing" I actually live by that. Everything I do, everyone I talk to, every decision I make, I later decide if it is a lesson or blessing :)

monkeys are my favorite animal so I chose monkey. So yeah :3

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