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Chapter 1: Orion's Arrival

The sound of glass resting on wood, a usually soft sound, ricocheted through the still air of the bar. It was a clean place, a reconstructed, modernized tavern, but was shrouded in darkness, and all the chairs were turned up over the tables. Astrid Oakley sat on the spotless wooden counter and eyed the now empty shot glass, blood residue on its rim, and sighed. The sound of her sigh could be heard from the other side of the bar. It didn't help that the sound of reveling could be heard from the more rowdy bar across the street. She wanted no part of that scene… hence, she was alone with a barfull of blood and alcohol. She poured herself another shot of the O and was seriously contemplating going over to the vamp bar across the street when the sound of heavy boots sounded on the wooden planks outside her bar's door.

Astrid sat up a bit straighter and ran a hand through her black and teal bob. Was someone actually coming to her bar? It was the quietest place in this entire town. Sure enough, the door pushed open, and someone stepped in. For a normal person, the darkness shrouding the door would have obscured his features, but Astrid saw him clearly.

He was tall… compared to her, at least, and had long black hair that brushed his shoulders. The moonlight slanting in from one of the windows caught him on a rare streak of light, and his hazel eyes glinted for a moment, glistening among the dust mites in the air. He yawned and put a hand behind his head, an action which opened his leather jacket and exposed the dark blue shirt beneath, then looked lazily around the bar.

"Who are you?" Astrid asked, her voice low and husky. It was the voice that had gotten her into this mess in the first place.

"And why do you care?" he snapped. His voice was smooth, but still hard. He took a few steps closer to the counter, his boots loud on the wooden floor. "Name's Orion," he said then, almost as an afterthought. His shoulders were set in a manner that screamed 'Leave me alone' but Astrid was far too bored and far too lonely to heed it.

"It's my bar," Astrid replied, feeling a twinge of annoyance. She'd hoped someone a little more amiable would come to the bar, but amiable people went to the one across the street. "Also, because … well, I've been waiting for ages." She waited for him to say something about that, but he didn't. She hopped off the bar and circled him. She could hear his blood in his veins, so he wasn't a vamp… but in this place, he could be one of so much other things.

"So… what are you?" she asked, eyeing him curiously.

"What am I?" he repeated, his head jerking to face her. He smelled great, that's all she knew. "I'm a man who needs a drink," he snapped. "God, you're messed up. I'll just go to the bar across the street." He sighed, shaking his head and turning to face the door. Thinking quickly, and a little desperately when she thought of being alone again, she stuck her booted foot in his path, sending him crashing face down to the floor, with a manly sounding 'Oof'. She sat on him before he could get up, and felt the warmth of his back through the seat of her leather pants.

"Well, I guessed that," she started conversationally. "But... Oh, God… you're new to this town, aren't you?" That could be the only explanation for his decision… unless he liked getting eaten by vamps. "In this town, we need to know what you are so we know what to serve you." Oh, the trouble one could get themselves into if they mistook a werewolf for a fearie and gave them wolfs-bane in their liquor.

"What am I?" he was saying again, "I'm a human… who's losing all feeling in his spine!" Astrid smiled. Good then. She peered down into his annoyed face.

"Oh… Well, I'm a vampire," she said, getting off him and taking a hasty drink of blood from the bar to distract herself from his scent. He wouldn't be safe in the other bar… no one over there would even attempt to restrain themselves.

Orion felt his eyes widen. "A… vampire…?" He blinked. He had to get out of here. She would suck his blood… he was too weak to be bled again tonight. "I'm going," he managed to choke out, before scrambling to his feet and rushing towards the door. He almost ran right into her.

"I wouldn't advise that," the vamp girl with the bob said. She looked up at the ceiling with her eyes squeezed shut, and Orion gulped, seeing her visibly restrain herself. It would be just like home… she would drink from him until he was almost dead… just like home. He'd barely managed to leave, and the first person he'd bumped into was another vamp. Great.

"The other bar is a vamp bar too," she continued, and Orion felt a trickle of panic slither into his stomach. There were more of them? "Even though I'm a new vamp," she went on, the low rough sound of her voice sending a slither of a different kind into his gut. "And I can literally hear the blood in your veins… and I'm really hungry… I'll try not to… well… you know," she said, the need in her voice making his heartbeat accelerate.

Astrid could sense his fear, and it made her want to hunt. The sound of his blood picking up speed in his veins was… She distracted herself with her own voice.

"I can't promise the same for the vamps in the other bar," she said, turning serious. It was the truth. "And there are a lot of them," she said happily, hoping he would consider her bar at least the lesser of two evils. The interaction with him wasn't scintillating, but it was so much better than the silence.

"What drugs do you do?" Orion asked, one eyebrow raised. Did he not believe her? "I'm just going," he said, walking around her to the door. Astrid wasn't sure why, but she didn't want him anywhere near the vamps from across the street. Hers was a small town; people disappeared here. Orion was young. He shouldn't disappear like she did.

"Did you not hear me?" she whispered. The hunger had begun, as it always did, in her throat. The dry veins, barely moistened from her shots of blood earlier in the night, rubbed together, the burn and scraping of their walls spreading to her chest. She grabbed his arm to stop his progress to the door.

"I'll at least try not to eat…from… you," she said, talking over the nagging pain that was urging her to take him right there. "… you're safer with me," she tried to convince him. He gave her a decidedly unconvinced look.

"Seriously, what shit do you smoke?" He didn't believe her. He sighed. "Fine, whatever. I'll stay." Astrid felt a confusing mixture of emotions in her stomach at his statement. If only he meant he'd stay longer than just for a drink.

"You really don't believe me, do you?" she asked, but it came out more as a statement than a question. She understood… it was the same disbelief that had gotten her turned. "Look, I don't know what you're running from, or why you came to Reaver's Point, but…" He looked at her blankly and shifted.

"Okay, give me your hand," she demanded, holding her hand out to him. "You're going to need protection, and I can't protect you if you don't believe me," she explained, hoping she didn't sound as eager as she felt to taste his blood. The scent alone was pretty intoxicating.

"You'd better not be punking me," he said, cautiously holding out his arm. Astrid grinned, pushing up the sleeve and sinking her canines into his flesh. The taste of his blood was so good her vision dimmed for a second.

"Gah… you little…" Orion sputtered, yanking his hand away so fast her canine's tore the skin on his forearm. Astrid stood still, a little stunned, and frankly, a bit high off his blood. His next words killed the high almost immediately.

"That's it! I'm getting out of here!"

He was leaving her. It was too soon, he was leaving her, and she would be alone. Again.


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