Your eyes and your smile-

They make me remember

But I want to forget.

Like knives piercing

I can't take much more.

Her smile is like poison

Reaching your skin

And making you smile.

I despise her beauty

And her siren to your ears.

I hate the ropes

That she tied around your wrists.

I can't take the pain

That it causes me instead.

I try too hard

To step slowly away-

I don't want to hate you

But it might be inevitable.

I need to move on

But you don't understand.

I can't continue

With you in my life.

Erase all the words

And burn all the pictures,

Your name is written in my heart

On the walls that I will paint white.

You try to drag me back in-

Your loneliness and mine

React like magnets.

But I will cut the ropes

And drown in the water

Just so you won't follow.

The tears will cease

But your persistence will not.

I will keep running

And pushing you away

Until all the wounds are healed

And I cannot be hurt by you anymore.

Goodbye. This pain isn't worth it.