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Sometimes, I wonder. What is the purpose of life if we are all destined to die? It seems meaningless to me.

I wake up to be embraced by the darkness. Again. For how long now? It has been a long time since I last saw light. The floor is cold and bare and cools the bare skin that touches it. I lean against the wall. Sighing, I stare at the other wall across me. Every day it is the same, I wake up and I go back to sleep after meals. Looks like breakfast isn't served yet. Might as well go back to sleep…

Clink!Clank! I wake up instantly this time. There is rarely a time I hear the sound of keys clinking from the entrance. Normally the guards come from the back. I can see the silhouettes of three men heading towards my cell. Their footsteps echo and I am alert. Suddenly there is a flash of bright light and I scream a little in surprise, shielding my eyes away from the blinding light. My eyes feel as if they have been burnt and they sting. Two pairs of hands grab me from each side and drag me towards the way they came. A voice whispers next to my right ear, "Open your eyes or you'll trip."I shake my head and let them lead me. No way would I open my eyes.

Even with my eyes closed, I know we are in a bright-lit room. The man on my right helps me sit down in front of a table.

"Open your eyes." It is a different person. He is much further away from me, possibly the person I'm facing, his voice cold and there's hardly any emotion in it.

"It seems her eyes are not accustomed to the light your Highness." The man on the right answers for me.

"Father." The word slips out of my mouth before I can stop it. But I'm sure of it. I point straight ahead at the darkness, "it's you isn't it?"

"Oh, you do remember me. That's good. Then do you remember Mio?" he asked. I felt my blood boil as he felt so calm and relaxed.

"Do you remember how long has it been since you last saw my face?" I ask harshly, ignoring his question.

"Ten years and nine months." He said simply which made me even more angry or maybe he was provoking me.

"I'm seventeen Father. It's been ten years since you locked me up in some dungeon. And when we meet again, this is what you ask me? About some girl? Because of you, I can't even open my eyes in daylight!" I am almost shouting now. But I don't care if there are people staring at me. I can't even see them anyways! I reach my arm out and I feel the sleeve of the man who stood next to me. I pull it and say, "Take me somewhere else." He doesn't reply for a few minutes but just walks. Still grabbing his sleeve, I follow the sound of his light footsteps.

"Where are we?" I ask after I hear the sound of a door closing.

"Your old bedroom."

"Can you please turn off the lights?" I open my eyes after I hear the click. My eyes easily adjust to the room. Nothing has changed since I last saw it. My bed is still in place, it's still clean, I circle the room, studying everything, and finally I stand in front of the mirror. My jet-black hair falls to the ground and my fringes has grown so long it has parted in half. The same golden eyes as my father and I have grown nearly twice as tall from when I was seven. I turn around and stare at the man. He is around my age, slim build, and cloudy blue eyes with a tinge of black. His short hair slightly a lighter shade than my own.

"Thankyou for taking me here. What is your name? Have we met before?" I ask.

"My name is Azel. Do you remember me, princess? After all we are betrothed."

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