Perhaps you won't believe. This happened to a Railway Police Officer's Close relative's who has posting in Kashmir's Ladakh as a BSF army. At that time it was winter in that region and certainly the temperature was minus that is. under zero. The man whom I'm talking about was at the border with some of his colleagues. Suddenly they saw something which cannot be believed. They couldn't believe their eyes as an almost fourteen feet tall human like thing was advancing towards them. Then they started shooting bullets at him. They emptied their full unit on that thing and then what happened was more unbelievable. There was nothing except raw smoke. The BSF ran towards that region where they last saw the suspicious person but there was nothing except smoke. Next day they have to report to the major but major didn't believe their words. He said "From your explanation It is clear that you people have made something wrong and now to hide that wrong you people are telling lies after lies. And for your kind information from right now you are suspended. "It was a sad day for those men. But on that very day the major decided that today he will be on the spot to see that what has exactly happened. The Second day Major himself was at the spot. But that couldn't change the facts. Facts that those BSF men have seen a monster. Because the same thing happened to the major on the same time. He also emptied his total unit on the monster but the result was same. Nothing was left except smoke. The third day the major realized that he must apologize to those men and also withdraw their suspension. And he did. But this was not a solution to the main problem. So what? They did a brief investigation on the local people. Some of them said that it could be a demon while some others said that He is a God from heaven to look after his children. Significantly the most important fact was that in these days he hadn't caused any harm to anybody. Thereafter the major ordered the army to observe first what he does. Even if he has evil intentions he can't cause harm to the whole army at the same time. "Let him do what he wants to do. Then take your action. "Next day the BSF observed according to the major's order but surprisingly that creature didn't cause any harm to any of them. He was simply a passerby. Next day a local senior said that only worship of Lord Shiva can stop all these. Then they arranged for the worship. You might not believe but after that worship there were no traces of that suspicious creature. You believe or not believe but it's true.